Spring 22 - Favorite Moments & Quotes

Saw that these were done for previous events, so I thought I’d toss one out for the most recent one. What are everyone’s favorite moments and quotes from 22’s spring? Granted, that you remember!


Boxing Club had it’s first official meeting! (ie someone other than just myself showed up!)


Also, meeting the Thaumaturgy teacher for the first time, just to have a real bad trip looking at an egg…Priceless


Navy hour long meatgrinder was great.

  • Lily Ferris’s duel during the summer ritual. That’s what I call dedication.

  • Hearing screaming from the tavern all the way at hill side and thinking they were under attack only to find out it was just

  • Scarlet " helping " the surgeons during the crashed ship mod.
    (whispers) “. . . So, who gets to keep the amputated arm?”

  • Monty convincing Scarlet to add her name to their list of people willing to give some of their soul… then a certain policewoman getting the list while she’s standing next to him.
    Kleis: “Scarlet?”
    Scarlet: “Technically I didn’t sign it.”

  • Being introduced to the lovely Drevnian cave leeches.


After explaining how reveal is an advanced Spiritualist skill…
Mathias : Wait, you use your spiritual powers to pat people down?

A normal dinner conversation…
Isaac : I need you to never dress up as my mother, my sister, or Prudence. Because if you dressed like Prudence, you’d look exactly like my sister and we’ve done too many things together for you to look my sister.

Disengaging someone during Socialite tea for what I’m positive was not the first time and likely not the last time either.

Lily Ferris and Ravil going all out during the Summer ritual.

Meat game with navywomen who came ashore that was also fueled by some people (myself included) getting fun drink effects right before.


Being introduced to the wonderful world of Port Katherine’s potions, elixirs, and drugs, which produced some memorable moments:


“Hookah 1, hookah 2, hookah 3, HOOKAH!”

Kleis: “How do you feel about the nobility?”
Scarlet (on liar-liar): “I LOVE the nobility!”
Kleis: “Ahuh, tell me more.”
a few minutes later
Scarlet (still on liar-liar): “You should marry me!”
Kleis: “This has suddenly gotten a lot less fun.”

The drugged-up folk being shepherded down to the tavern only for us to see the town in a battle, and the subsequent OH-NOs that followed as people struggled to keep the afflicted people from charging into combat.

Scarlet: walking down toward the fight while intoxicated
Someone: “Scarlet, wait! Stop! I found something shiny!”
Scarlet: spins around, immediately distracted “Ooh? Where?”


Saints Yoga and [redacted]

Scarlett: Kleis, marry me!
Annaliese: SIBELLA NO
Sibella: Hey, that wasn’t me!

Three proposals :joy:


Pleasant, killing a shadow: Critical one, critical two…
Ravil, mistaking him for a shadow killing a colonist: FIREBALL!
Pleasant: why? falls down

Lily: Aren’t you worried that [redacted] only wants to marry you for your money and title?
Kleis: You think she only wants me for my money and title??
Lily: She’s been very upfront about it
Kleis: Ferris, that would be amazing!

Lily: Isaac, we need to have a conversation.
Isaac: Oh, is this the part where you take me down to the river, tell me that if I hurt Annaliese that you’ll kill me, etc?
Lily: Well. But we should still talk.
Isaac: No, no, you are big scary body guard with a gun and sword, murder, I got it, no need.

Someone: But you’re not going to charge the Seamstress with murder for cutting off the Emissary’s head, right, Kleis?
Kleis: …
Someone: It’s not your jurisdiction. Right?
Kleis: …


Kleis and Augustus annoying/talking with Scarlet about them owning land.

Kleis: “The nobility have to look out for the small folk.” (insinuating she was small folk)

Scarlet, storming off into the tavern.

Someone: “She’s probably now liable to stab you because of that.”

Scarlet returning a minute later with a drink in hand, much their surprise: “I needed a drink to continue this conversation.”


I can already tell Scarlet is gonna be my favorite person.


Rhett: (care free, walking back from a conversation with someone)
Kleis, loudly and with authority: Rhett Locklan. (holding up Monty’s list of names)
Rhett: (freezes)
The entire tavern going quiet
Someone: Run Rhett. Run!
Rhett: (takes 2 steps back)
Several someones, Rosie included: No! Not really!!! That’s the police!

Addie, Rosie and Prudence discussing Avy, Addie and Rhett’s possible engagements.
Prudence, to Rosie: Are YOU engaged to Avy? Rhett?
Rosie and Addie, in unison: Heavens no…!
Rosie: We keep it close in this family but not that close… Rhett is my cousin.
Prudence: Ah. Well that’s perhaps for the best then.


In the shipwreck mod, I realize I can’t sustain a serious composure for this thing without something to hold on to, so I decide one of the other crunchies is my best friend.
I start at the very beginning of the mod with my tragically damaged leg and start dragging myself back yelling “HELP MY FRIEND!”
He sees me, we crawl towards eachother, the players are rushing past us with moments on the clock.
We are inches from touching. We reach out our hands. SUDDENLY a hand grabs my BROKEN LEG and just drags my ass away as I scream.
“Oh I’m sorry is that your injured leg?”
“Yeah, also my friend is back there, we can’t leave without my friend.”
The player pauses, with consideration.

me: Holding a drink that will make me consider the next person I see my BEST FRIEND EVER
Livewell: “Yeah I think we must have killed about 30 Tiagans on that hill”
Me: Immediately drinks my entire drink in one go
And then just promoting Livewell the rest of the night with tales about how they defeated 300 Tiagans with ice breath, freezing them till morning when the sun melts them away to nothing and how our statues will stand in the square together

Me, Prior to game: And the 2-person Iascaire costume goes on the same frame as Big Stanton, but its all velcro so we can do a quick change between the two!

Some time later

We have just wrapped the vanishing island mod where the Iascaire debut
Trout (Me): Okay everyone thanks for sailing with me, I’ll pay you later
Damienne: You know I’m getting married later, I hope my GIANT AETHER PELICAN CAN MAKE IT

Me: Well I guess I’m going to be testing this quick change after all. HONK HONK.

Going out to hook the duelists for duelist plot, I was slowly realizing none of them were actually registered. This gem of a conversation happened:
Me: “I’m looking for Edric Zale, one of my duelists”
Kleis: “Doesn’t he run with Hobbes’ crew?”
We go over to where they are sitting, in the dark outside the tavern
Me: I’m looking for Edric Zale
Hobbes: Why?
Me: He’s a duelist
Hobbes: Someone else was looking for duelists
Me: Yeah me, we spoke
Hobbes: Why do you want them?
Me: I’m the duelist teacher
Hobbes: OH so you must be Edric Zale.
Me: no???
Hobbes: What does he look like then?
Kleis (to Hobbes): He’s about as tall as Hobbes points to Eldrid
Eldrid: I’m… not Hobbes.
Kleis: OH.
Me: I actually think no one I’m looking for is… in town.
Everyone: Darn

This one was probably the best though
I ran all the way up the hill to surprise my thaumaturgy students when they came out of the woods after their component walk, and just sat there in the field meditating for 30 minutes till they rolled out of the woods to find me waiting there like I knew they were coming


in no particular order

Getting knocked out by bluebeary at the end of the game on ship mod. honestly couldnt have asked for a better start to game.

talking with Zed and Pleasant only to have Monty wander over and the subsequent conversation with our attempts to interpret Monty’s charades.

Klies:[is scolding people for signing monty’s list]
Petra: “hey Klies can i see that list?”
Kleis: “sure”
Petra: -Signs the list and hands it back to Kleis-
Kleis: PETRA

Letting a swarm of bees into the tavern for fun

watching James and the Thaumaturgy teacher look at a spiritualist tag after Boxing Club and being utterly baffled by what was going on.


That tag was so confusing…


Rhett feared for his life in that moment and mever wants to get dressed down by Kleis ever again. Also he conveniently forgets that Kleis is a policewoman and not just his friend and that he could arrest him if he needed to.