Spring 2023 Events: Registration, BGS Deadlines, and Covid Policy

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce the registration schedule for our next two events:

  • May 5-7

  • June 9-11

Registration Details

We will be opening registration for returning players at 7pm on Sunday, March 26th. Anyone who has played or staffed the Fall or Winter events of 2022 may register at that time.

Registration will open to the general public at 7pm on Sunday, April 2nd.

Our price per event is $80.

Note: if you attended either the Fall or Winter ‘22 events as staff, but didn’t actually register on the website for the event, our automated systems may not allow you to register. If this is the case, please send us an email at staff@portkatherine.com and we’ll get it fixed in the system before registration opens.

BGS Deadlines

In order to give our staff more time to get you the BGS results you deserve in a manageable way, we’re moving up the BGS deadlines by a few days. The new deadline for entering your BGS will be exactly 3 weeks before the start of game. That means:

For the Spring event starting May 5th, your BGS must be in by 10pm on Friday, April 14th.

For the Summer event starting June 9th, your BGS must be in by 10pm on Friday, May 19th.

Covid Policy

  • Full vaccination, with boosters, is required for all players and staff.

    • You must provide proof of vaccination/booster by either emailing a photo of your card to staff@portkatherine.com or bringing your card (or a photo of it) to check-in.
  • Testing before and after the event is strongly encouraged but not required.

    • If you test positive before the event, DON’T COME. We will refund your ticket. If you test positive after the event, notify us and we will handle communication as anonymously as possible.
    • We will notify people if someone in their cabin has tested positive, and notify everyone else that someone at the game but not in their cabin tested positive.
  • Mask policy will follow the thresholds established in this post: Covid Thresholds

    • Weather permitting, we will move at least some tables outside of the tavern so that folks can eat outside.
    • Masking will be required in the kitchen, regardless of what we decide for the site as a whole.
    • We are aware that this methodology has some issues, and we’re considering changes, but we don’t have them ready at the time of this posting
    • I am currently considering requiring the entire state of Massachusetts to have a Low rating based on the CDC Community Transmission Map, but it’s not decided.

If you have any questions about the Covid policy or the registration schedule, please do not hesitate to ask here or on any other channel.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Let the hype begin!!!

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Do you want updated cards from folks who’ve sent them for previous games, or are we set?

If you’ve sent in or shown us a vaccination card in the past, we still have that on file.



Putting this here as a reminder to folks that the BGS deadline for Spring 1 is 10pm, April 14th (so about 30 hours from this posting)