Spring 2022 Events: Registration and Covid Policy

Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce the registration schedule for our next two events:

April 29-May 1
June 10-12

Registration Details
We’re going to do a phased-in registration process, similar but not exact to the process you’ve seen in seasons before. It will look like this:

  • 8am, Monday, March 14: Registration opens for players previously registered for the Spring 2020 cancelled games
  • 8am, Monday, March 21: Registration opens for anyone who has registered and attended a Port Katherine event (as player or staff) in 2019, 2020, or 2021
  • 8am, Monday, March 28: Registration opens for the general public

Unfortunately, the site has noticed that we have been grossly underpaying them for its use for years and has dramatically increased their prices. In order to handle this extra expense, the price for registration has increased by $10 per game, to $80.

Covid Policy

  • Full vaccination, with booster is required
    • You must provide proof of vaccination/booster in one of the following ways: email staff@portkatherine.com a picture of your card, video chat with a staffer to provide a picture of your card, or bring a photo of your card (or the card itself) to check-in
    • If you do not have proof of vaccination/booster, you will not be allowed to check-in to game.
    • All NPCs are held to this same standard and must register on the website to attend
      • NPCs arriving before game-on should check in with Brian/at the PC check in window
      • NPCs arriving after game-on should check in with desk staff
    • As children under 5 cannot be vaccinated, children in the childcare program must show that all members of their household have been vaccinated in order to attend.
  • Testing before and after event is strongly encouraged but not required
    • If you test positive before the event, DON’T COME. We will refund your ticket. If you test positive after the event, notify us and we will handle communication as anonymously as possible.
      • We will notify people if someone in their cabin has tested positive, and notify everyone else that someone at the game but not in their cabin tested positive.
    • DURING THE EVENT: donations permitting, we will have a limited number of COVID tests on site
      • NPCs should either BYO rapid test or the results of a recent non-rapid test, or else take a rapid test once on site
      • If we have extra tests after the event, we’ll keep them for subsequent events.
  • Masks/distancing
    • We will be assessing the risk as we get closer to the event and establishing a clear mask policy.
      • Regardless of what we decide for the site as a whole, masks will be required in the kitchen.
    • We may or may not move tavern tables outside and serve meals outdoors.
    • As you can see above, cabin assignments will be used for contact tracing/reporting, so we will be more strict with these than we have been in the past.
    • If you are uncomfortable sharing a cabin with others, we encourage you to consider the tenting option.

If you have any questions about the Covid policy or the registration schedule, please do not hesitate to ask here or on any other channel.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


This is great information. Thank you for putting it all in one neat spot, in advance! I have a couple of questions.

  1. Will state (MA, NH, etc) based digital apps used for vaccination records be accepted?
  2. How far before the event should a positive test be considered? One day? Two days? A week? Two weeks?

Thank you!
-David / Almanzo

  1. State digital apps will be accepted, but we won’t be using a QR code reader, so they’ll need to list your vaccination status on them.

  2. Tests are not mandatory, so it’s really up to you.

Registration is open for players who registered for the two cancelled events!

Use these direct links:
https://www.portkatherine.com/events/spring-2022/register https://www.portkatherine.com/events/summer-2022/register



A few of us had to try a few times before it would accept our registration. We all got there, but not quite sure what the issue was.

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Once we have registered, what process do you have in mind for figuring out cabin assignments?

Good question. My usual cabin is great but for covid reasons I probably want to stay with the people I live with IRL, this time, if that’s an option.

[Even came up with the IG justification, though I know that isn’t relevant to staff]

We’ll be doing a new request for cabin preferences before the event.



I’m attempting to Volunteer for NPC for exclusively Saturday the 30th. I do see that check in time for registration is set for 8AM but would like to know if its possible to check in at 9 instead if you are just NPCing. Could you let me know how the volunteering process/playing an NPC would work if your could?

You are more than welcome to NPC for just Saturday. We do ask you register on the website, so we have a list somewhere and a record of allergies for the kitchen. Whenever you arrive, just come to staff center (it is the building labeled Alumni Lodge), knock on the door and say you are here to NPC. The person behind the desk, or myself will check vaccination/testing status (if you don’t want to send it to us beforehand) and then you’ll be good to go. The NPCs usually pool in the top floor of the staff center, so we’ll show you around/give you the spiel on rules, etc. If you are only here for Saturday, you need only bring a set of black clothes. We will provide food, water, weapons, costumes, etc.