Spring 2022 Cabin Survey

Hey everyone! Spring 2022 is fast approaching, and I’m working through my admin tasks!

First, I wanted to let people know that we still have space available! We currently have 66 players registered for Spring, so we have 9 slots available if you have friends interested in trying out our game who haven’t bothered because they heard “we’re always at cap.” We not at cap! They should come and have fun!

Second, I want to get a new round of cabin preferences. We’ll all changed our thinking throughout the pandemic, made new friends, thought differently about our characters, maybe bought a tent, etc. We on staff need to know these things! So I would ask that everyone, even if you plan to tent, fill out the below form (and please, if you can do it soon, that’ll let me check this admin task off my to-do). Thanks!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine