Spring, 2020 Information

Since the cancellation of our Spring event, we’ve had a lot of questions. Now that all the BGS are in, we can shift to answering them.

First of all, thank you so much for your flexibility and your compassion. Cancelling an event is incredibly sad for us, even as we knew it was necessary, and your response has been heartwarming and wonderful. So thank you.

Second, event registration fees. These are tough times, and many people have lost their jobs. We understand, and we want to get you your fees back, if you need them. There are three options you can consider:

  1. If you want a refund, send an email to staff@portkatherine.com requesting one, and we will refund your registration fee. We will accept emails for refunds until what would have been game-off for Spring (Sunday at noon).

  2. You can choose to donate your fee to RFR. This can help us to defray the loss of our camp deposits and other expenditures (we had started buying/building props, etc). If you choose to do this, we will award you the normal 3 CP you would receive for event attendance + PEL.

  3. Do nothing. This will be the exact same as option 2. In fact, if you want option #2, we’d prefer you instead choose option #3.

Third, additional methods of gaining CP (otherwise known as the “how do I replace my setup/cleanup CP I was expecting” question). I’ll be posting a new donation list immediately after posting this message, so that should be the first place you look (many of the items on the list will be craft-project oriented!).

We’re happy to provide one more option. From now until our Summer event, anyone who posts a picture of themselves, in full Port Katherine costume, to one of our Facebook group, our Slack channel, or these forums, will receive 1 CP. You can earn up to 1 CP from doing this (so no duplicates), but are encouraged to post this picture to as many venues as you have available. We may not get to see you at game, but we want to see you! (important note: make sure I know you did this. Tag me on Facebook, post to a photos thread created for this purpose on the forums, or email me at staff@portkatherine.com if you send to Slack).

Finally - Summer BGS. We’ll get you your Spring results as normal, when game would normally take place. After that, you may submit one focus before Summer (no other BGS, just one focus). Public works do not need to maintained during this period, components do not rot, and you cannot use this focus for lessons. If you were registered for Summer but not Spring, you may submit a full BGS cycle at this time. If you registered for Spring and missed the Spring deadline, you may submit your Spring BGS for summer. No matter what, you receive the extra focus (so, if you didn’t submit for Spring, are attending Summer, and plan to submit your entire BGS for Summer, you get a bonus focus).

If you have any other questions, please post them below, and I’ll answer as soon as I am able. Thank you once again for your consideration and help during this challenging time.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Should the pictures be new pictures of us in our costumes, or are preexisting ones also ok? I’m thinking finding someone to take a photo of me might be hard.

Thank you Brian and Staff! This is very helpful and I look forward to having a little fun with the photo!


Whatever you need to do. We’d obviously prefer new pictures, but don’t break social distancing to do that.