Spring 2018 Menu

Saturday breakfast -
sweet potato chorizo hash, caramelized onions, eggs
bread, jams, fruits, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal and fixings
Veg(etari)an - sweet potato veg sausage hash

Saturday lunch -
pulled pork taco/sandwiches, various pickles, asian slaw
Veg(etari)an - lentil sweet potato coconut curry with rice

Saturday dinner -
roast chicken, root vegetable pie, bread
Veg(etari)an - tofu scramble and spring vegetable ragout

Sunday breakfast -
bacon-cheddar-spinach quiche
bread, jams, fruits, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal and fixings
Vegetarian - cheddar-spinach quiche

Snacks -
breads, butters and jams, fruits, various pickles, salamis, nuts

Available by request -
chicken noodle soup
grilled cheese


Can you confirm that the Asian slaw and/or curry doesn’t contain peanuts? (Some curry pastes use them). I’ve been burned before.

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Verified: no, they do not contain peanuts.


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Are there specific times when one can and can not request the by request items? (Besides the obvious, like… no one should wake up kitchen folks at 5 am for a PB+J…)

The supplies for this are usually either out on the table during the day or just inside the kitchen for self-serve.

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Serendipity will also be behind the bar most times if you need any help getting something from the back!

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Will it be possible to store anything in the icebox? Not much, probably just a few mason jars…

There should be room, yes. Just talk to the cooks before game and make sure they know which stuff is yours.