Spring 2018: Cap Policies

We have hit 70 registrations for our Spring event, meaning we only have 5 more spots available.

Believe me, I wish we could allow every single person who wants to play to do so, but the camp can only reasonably hold so many people, and we can only reasonably run so much plot.

Which means it’s time to explain our policies around the cap.

If we hit 75 player registrations, the website will immediately prevent any further registrations. If this happens, and you wish to attend Port Katherine:

  1. You should email staff@portkatherine.com to be placed on our waitlist. The waitlist is strictly first-come, first-serve. If we receive any cancellations from currently-registered players, we will immediately notify the first person on the waitlist. They’ll have a window in which to respond and register, which (of necessity) will grow shorter as we near the event. The email you receive will tell you how long you have (it will always include at least one weekday, for people who are away on the weekends).

  2. You should consider registering for our Summer event. Since our policy is first-come, first-serve, that means that players attending our Spring event do not have priority over you when it comes to registering for that event. We still have 41 slots available for that event, and we’d still love to have you as a player.

  3. Consider attending our Spring event as a combat NPC. You’ll earn 2 CP toward your first Port Katherine event, whenever that will be, and you’ll help us make the world feel more full than it could without you.

I am truly humbled by the need to write this post. I never imagined that we’d hit cap, and I’m extremely honored by both your excitement and your eagerness to make this world we’ve created into a real place. I cannot wait until our Spring event.

  • Brian