Spring 2018 Cabin Assignments

Use the above map to find your cabin.

Hill Side Cabins:
Dylan Marriner
Heather Nadeau
Chris McNulty
David Hicks
David Rubenstein
William Beatty
Jessica Osio
Brendan Turcotte
Brittany Smith
Simon Moody
Kelly Raila
Sophie Monahan
Meg Hahesy
Jak Magus
Brock Elgart
Jade Lovett
Joy Perkinson
Pat Popowicz
Christian Gonzalez
Carolee Sutton

Pine Side Cabins:
Alex Williamson
John Woodside
Eric Larson
Samantha LaBrecque
Kayla Drakehart
Daniel MacDonald
Tim Drakeheart
Denna Steigerwalt
Brendan Butts
Henry White
Rafael Mena
Alexander Brune
Kyle Murphy
Stephanie Powers
Peter Hairston
Athena Peters
Veronica Keddy
Ashleigh Howland
Connor McCarthy
Katie Cronin
Elizabeth Reisine
Emily Travisano
Sarah Walden McGowan
Jenna McGowan
Cecilia Washburn
Jacqueline Fazzina
Evan Harpin
Michael Fazzina
Brady Tatro
Melissa Frechette
Zachary Brien
Steve Grabowski
Michael Bertoncini
Beth Baniszewski
Charles Hope
Eli Stickgold
Stephanie Paige
Patrick M
Jamie Wetzel
Danny Cooper
Aislinn McCormack
Sean McCormack
James Carroll
Nico Mota
Nathan Brown
Cory Knowles
Hannah Cohen
Eric Worthen

Upper Staff
Barb Fyfe
Andy Fyfe

Kevin McDole
Jason Bestwick
Jonathan Washer
Tree Murphy

Mac Shack
Sarah Wikman
Michael Anaya

We have done our best to accommodate your requests and concerns. If there are any issues with these arrangements, please let us know as soon as you can so we can revise.

Brian Misamore
Game Director


Yay! Thank you Brian!

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I find I am unlikely to have 15 CP in need of overnight refreshing. I’m going to be pushing it to have 10. (beyond vit, which resets automatically). What are other people in cabin 5’s opinion on whether we should be in game or out of game?

I like refresh, and it’s technically possible I might manage being able to use 15 of it.

I mean, if you are likely to want more than 10 of it, that’s a good reason to be in game.

I’m ok with being in game if it’s useful to people, but if it’s not, I will embrace the chance to sleep in safely. :slight_smile:

I think I have just slightly more than ten could possibly refresh so unlikely to need it unless things go poorly. That said, being able to get over ten if need it is good so would probably prefer to be in game.

There is no way I will use more than 10 refresh, so I am ambivalent.

I could probably use more than 10 points of refresh, so i’m pro IG cabin #5.

Ok, sounds like we should be in game.