Spiritual Discussion

Fellow spiritualists of Port Katherine. While I don’t feel like we have any need of organizing anything so formal as a Guild, I thought it would be useful for us to get to know one another. We had several opportunities during our lessons and the second encounter with Blackheart’s crew, but I suspect that not all of us have yet managed introductions, and since frequently only those similarly trained in the spiritual arts can provide immediate assistance when it is needed, it seems useful to be able to recognize one another.

My name is Lilywhite Sauveterre (Lily is fine), I may be recognizable as the one blowing dramatically in the wind, and besides my spiritual talents I’m modestly trained in the proper use of the rapier I carry.

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I’m Zed. I’m corrupted.


Cleary. I never went to school for this and have no idea what I’m doing in this place.

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I am Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley (Nathrach is fine) and I am likely most recognizable at the moment by my blue coat though perhaps the keys I wear as part of a necklace and use for perceiving the arcane might also be of note. I am also a socialite and had served as a privateer for a time before coming to Port Katherine. I look forward to working with you all further.

I’m Hezra Boone, quartermaster of the Late Queen’s Verdict. The dead taught me most of what I know. I’m most recognizable by my long black coat, black bandana, and bronze-hilted spadone (greatsword). I hail from the Fire District in Drevnia.

I’m Zarj Rostov, born and raised in Zlota on the Rostova Estates. For the past ten years or so, I was a teaching fellow at Umfundisi University, specializing in the Metaphysical Theory of Spiritualism. I joined the expedition hoping to gain some practical experience to advance my career in academia…

… I may have succeeded more than I expected or intended. That said, I am happy to share my knowledge of more advanced Spiritualist techniques. I have more experience with abstract pedagogy than teaching the application, but I’ll do my best.

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Zarj, I think I speak for all of us when I say we are deeply grateful both for your willingness to forsake the safety of academia for the dangers of the frontier and for your generosity in providing your knowledge and experience to us. I know in the, ah, excitement of your prior lesson the subject of money didn’t come up, but if you aren’t receiving recompense from either the Colony or the University for your teaching, please let us know and I’m sure something can be arranged.

In the meantime, may I suggest that perhaps next time we could arrange for a sort of trade of lessons – while we may lack your formidable knowledge of spiritual technique, I think you’ll find that I and others of the local community have a certain amount of practical expertise in dealing with some of the, shall we say, fringe portions of our profession. Perhaps in the blending of our practical experience and your knowledge, we can arrive at sum ability greater than our parts.

My name is Pleasant Everhart. Brother to Isaac, childhood friend of Zed. Self-taught spiritualist. Drevnian. Avid fan of Pitball.