Spirit Seeking In The Woods

Friends and Neighbors,

Between festivals there was some talk about several of us meeting up in the tavern to go seeking the Lantern Spirits (will-o-the-wisp?) in the woods.

I am curious if folks are still interested.

Regardless, I plan to go, as I am quite curious, but I am wondering if I should wait for a group to form, or head out with just one or two others.

Your neighbor,

Dear James,

I would very much like to accompany you. I am quite curious about these spirits, and have wished to see them for myself since first I heard about them. While a large part of that is scientific curiosity, I am also interested with interacting with some of the friendly inhabitants of this island. It would be a refreshing change from the many hostile interactions we’ve had.

Please let me know the when and where of this gathering so I can make sure to arrive promptly. I would not want to hold up the expedition.

Countess Annaliese Liane Leopolda Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholtz

OOC: Forgive me if this makes no sense. I wrote it on zero hours of sleep in the past 36.



I had a delightful time last gathering following these spirits with you. You can definitely count me in, and I think Julien was also interested!

Countess Isaac J. Everhart, Esq.

If the young Countess is going out in the woods at night, I will be there as well.


Like Lady Annaliese, I am also quite curious regarding these spirits in the woods. Circumstances permitting, I would be interested in accompanying you. Given the additional dangers in the woods, my cousin will likely recommend I attend only if there are sufficient individuals capable of defending themselves, so I apologize in advance if in the end, I must decline. I do my best to avoid giving them conniptions.

When you know when you hope to gather, please do keep me apprised.


Countess Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira


I am thinking of leaving from the Tavern as soon as it is late enough for the spirits to be out.

I imagine some delay will be necessary, as that is the way of mobilizing larger groups, but I am hoping to waste as little time as possible.



So I’m thinking meet up in the tavern at Game On, give a few minutes for stragglers to join, to role play, and to let staff do their thing, then head into the woods.

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I saw one of these beings on the First of Dawning, and would be quite interested to encounter one again.
I’ve heard rumors a new ship of colonists may be arriving – should we wait to see if they arrive soon after nightfall?

OOC clarification

I have a feeling the newly arriving character Stev would be interested in this, and their player (Jordan) has not been participating in IC chat since they’re not technically on the island yet. I’m not sure what the situation will be for new player arrival mod and how long that might take, so if you don’t want to wait too long it may not be practical for them to join, but I wanted to at least mention.

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If the group as a whole wanted to wait for our latest colonists to depart the ship, I could be convinced.

Alternatively, if the ship is taking too long to divest its passengers, I’m sure we could leave word around the Tavern that any new colonists are welcome to join us, and roughly were we expect to be.



Don’t encourage the new colonists to wander about in the woods at night, you madman! Do the decent thing. Warn them just enough to cover your arse about what they’ll be walking into.


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I think “we will be seeking potentially dangerous spirits in the woods; beware of murderous Elementals, hostile spirits, the re-animated dead, and other unexpected ‘monsters’” is sufficient warning, don’t you?


You got a peculiar way of spelling “YOU’RE GONNA DIE IF YOU GO OUT ALONE,” James.



I mean…
A. I haven’t died yet, but
B. you’re probably not wrong

I’d be extremely interested in studying these creatures. Has it been determined whether they are corporeal?

I think the only thing we have officially determined is that one of them likes to play hide and seek.

And that there are at least 3 of them -

  • 1 unarmed: 2 hands on its lantern, who vanished when we approached too close,
  • 1 with a dagger in one hand, the lantern in another,
  • and 1 who put me to sleep at range (when I offered a bell) before approaching and knocking me unconscious with a touch. (OoC: sleep packet, & “unconscious” packet)

All 3 seem friendly and childish, or at least Puckish.

I can’t say any of the 3 made me feel especially threatened when I saw them in Spring, but I missed them this Summer, so I don’t know if their behavior was any different.

Any insight into their presence and behavior during Summer would be greatly appreciated.

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