Songbook Creation

I was asked to pull together a songbook for in-game since one was floating about the tavern. I already have a small sized book but I’d like to add more. Any requests?

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Wild Mountain Tyme is fairly setting agnostic.

That’s the only one I can think of this evening, but I will definitely be thinking on more

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I’m not exactly sure how many of these are precisely the right time period, but these are some of my favorites that I think should be about correct! If I can help at all, let me know!!
The Bird Song (Diane Taraz sings a cover album that should be all period)
Spanish Ladies
The Parting Glass
A Health to The Company
The Bay of Suvla
The Bog Down in the Valley-O
Hoist the Colors
Randy Dandy-O
The Coast of High Barbary
Haul Away Joe


This is perfect! This is exactly what I need and if you think of anything else add them here.

I’m making 2 versions of this songbook. One will be a sheet with links to the song that people can listen to, and the other will be a printed booklet that I’ll spread about the game. I’ll probably make a tavern copy and a library copy, but I can always print off personal copies too.


Amazing!!! Most of these are just from my shanty playlist, so I’ll keep hunting for some good ones, or if you want me to throw them on playlist for this, I can do that too! It’s just super unfortunate that so many songs mention specific locations (like Spanish Ladies). Can’t wait!

Much as I love Spanish Ladies, it’s basically entirely geographic references to real-world places, starting with the title.


If you want to make any edits to it we could always try that way. Witchwood has Seven Drunken Nights with the WW appropriate days of the week.


oo, i’ll add a couple favorites: Brennan on the Moor and The Queen of Argyle.
Both want some little tweaks for location - i change “ireland” in the first to “highlands” and “argyle” in the second to “the isle”, although there are other solutions

Bumping this. I’m pulling together the book next week and printing it. If there’s anything you want added let me know.