Soliciting Donations or Time for Customs House

Hello Everyone -

One of the major things that everyone seems interested in us having is a Customs House. This would allow us to place tariffs on imported goods and could yield a fair amount of revenue to support town infrastructure, possibly the militia, and other services. Reducing the need to rely on donations from the townsfolk.

To build the customs house we will need: 10 wood, 10 iron, 5 copper, 5 people to focus on the building between the season.

The Outer Ring Trading Company and the Alize’s have offered to contribute some of the trade goods.

I will personally be using my time between now and the start of next festival to build the Customs House.

Is there anyone else willing to contribute? We would collect your trade goods at the start of the next season’s festival [OOC: at some point before or after game on Friday night basically].

If you are willing to spend your time between now and next season working on the construction of the Customs House your hard work would be a boon for the town as a whole.

Please respond to this and someone from the Town Council will reach out. Thank you so much.

Countess Waxillium Wick, Town Council.


Following up, I’ve done some personal reaching out and August from the Outer Ring (Bahn Side) crew has kindly offered to focus on building the Customs House. Along with my own time and the resources we have already gathered we now need:

Three People to Focus on Building the Customs House
Ten wood
Five copper

(already gathered resources, 2 focus, 10 iron)

Aye’ll toss in tha 5 copper for this effort. I’m all for supportin’ ah own merchants, tradsmen and landowners on the island.

Molly Volareth

Thank you so much!

We now need:

Three People to Focus on Building the Customs House
Ten Wood

I’m sure we can find the wood, it’s the focus that will be hard. Can anyone help?

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that Summer is treating you well. I wanted to follow up regarding the customs house. The customs house currently requires 3 more focus and 10 more wood to be built for the Fall. The customs house will permit the town council to have a larger pool of funds to address your concerns in our fair colony. Please, if you have time this season to assist with the construction, the Town Council would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you to all who have already contributed.

Countess Rukiye Maryam no Teuthida Alize min bayt Amira.

Hello, I am also following up on this. Is there anyone who can help?

Wick, are you still looking for materials and work, or just work at this point?

Wood and work, thank you! Work is more important though as I’m sure we can scrounge the wood up.

The customs house will not be finished, and there will be no money to pay for the militia if we do not get three more people to focus on building this… it’s a sad truth, but the outcome is in the hands of the people of Port Katherine. If you can find it in your hearts to contribute your time (focus) on building the customs house, you will be doing a great service to your town, and your fellow citizens, both in terms of public works and in terms of safety.

I will happily volunteer my focus to assist with this, provided we can find the other two needed to help as well.


I can offer my time towards this project.

That leaves one more set of hands needed?

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I’ll also contribute my time and labor to finish it out.

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Thank you all!

This is fantastic, thank you all so much. I believe we only have to worry about the wood now, but that is something I can ask around about. You are all excellent citizens and your time and effort will not go un-noticed by your fellow townsfolk.

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Taxation is theft?

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I will provide one wood.

Thank you everyone, we believe we have everything we need.

Damienne, Edric, and Johnathan, please make sure to remember to submit your focus by Sunday night. :slight_smile:

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Ursula, you can give your wood to any Town Council member during the Festival.

will do!