Skill Unlocks Now Live On Website

Hi folks!

Thanks to our web team (hi web team, you’re great!) we are trying out a new way of revealing the text of your recently-unlocked skills to you. Instead of an email like we’ve previously done, you should all have the response to your Lesson BGS revealed on the website and immediately viewable in the same place you can look at old BGS/PELs (in the “Between Events” tab, click on the “Spring 2023” event). Please let us know if you run into any issues, and happy reading!

  • Haley, for staff

This is awesome and I’m really glad about not having to fish around in old emails to fact check!

This update worked for my most recent unlock (in this BGS period,) but older advanced skills from year 1 and the 1st specialty I unlocked in spring 2020 were not retroactively updated.

To clarify, this is not a change in how we answer the BGS (the update where we started replying to lessons with skill descriptions in BGS happened over the Long Break). This is just a change in process - we previously sent emails before the event if you unlocked new skills so people could know the text of the thing they were buying if they bought it before the event, and now we are revealing them directly in the BGS.

We do not intend to retroactively update any old BGS; however, if you have lost track of a skill description or just want it in your BGS log instead of your email, submit a Note to Staff BGS requesting that info next BGS cycle and we’ll give it to you!


Ah, gotcha! Thanks so much for writing this tuff out in the BGS for us so it’s all in one place!

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