Shadow Ritual Effects

Due to the successful shadow ritual last game, four pillars of shadow have been empowered at various locations throughout town. They have the following effects (tied to these locations):

  • Hospital: The hospital no longer counts as a “hospital” for purposes of any Surgery skill. It continues to count as a hospital for public works and non-Surgery skills.
  • Library: Research conducted on Port Katherine requires 2 points per point of effective research. You may spend your Focus to travel elsewhere to conduct Research at full potency.
  • Docks: Imports to Port Katherine are halved.
  • Cabins: Extra refresh for seasonal headers no longer occurs.

As many of you know, these effects can be removed in game, with details to be provided there.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


I assume that for number 4, if you take the elixir that lets you refresh as though it were your season, you still refresh 0?

Read the tag and do exactly as the tag says.

Read the tag and do exactly as the tag says.

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I assume this means that all surgeries are treated as field surgeries (+1 black) and that Elite Surgery cannot be used at all?

Does Miracle Worker still function, just with field surgery bead adds? I am unclear if this counts as a ‘surgery’ skill or not.

Miracle Worker and other Physician skills that require a hospital work, but Elite Surgery does not.


In order to get normal use of Research. Does the intent of your focus need to be full potency Research, or is it enough that your focus happens to take you to a place with a normal uncursed library?

Your focus needs to be “I travel to [place] to Research.”

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For the docks, do we know if that’s (price/2) - taxes or if it’s (price - taxes)/2?

(Price/2) - National Taxes - Local Tariffs