Sewing patterns

Hi, I’m Jae! I’m looking to come to the next game and I’m currently making my costuming.

The coat pattern that seems most appropriate is a Reconstructing History pattern. I’ve made some clothing from their patterns before (1600’s stuff) and it was aaaaawful. Things didn’t fit, bad instructions, and had to make extra pieces to get it to work. So a few questions:

Has anyone used the 1720 - 1770s patterns?

Are there other patterns that people have used that would be good?

Also, It would be cool to maybe make a pattern depository if people were into that kinda thing.


I’ve used other patterns from RH before, but didn’t like them too much for a lot of the reasons you mention! The patterns I’ve used for game are a waistcoat and breeches from JP Ryan (with small modifications), and then I have one from I think Kannick’s Korner that I really like for shirts! There’s also a costume pattern, Simplicity 4923, the coat for which is a pretty good base, though I don’t like the cuffs or the pockets very much so I didn’t use them.


Welcome to Port Katherine, Jae! I’m afraid I can’t help, but I’m excited to see what you make. ^^


If you’re willing to go from book sources and put in the elbow grease to fit/size, patterns of fashion is great, as is Costuming in Detail from Colonial Willamsburg. Both are gridded patterns of extant garments. American Duchess also has a decent sewing guide for femme outfits that includes step by step photos and gridded patterns.


Hi Jae -

I can’t speak much to masc fashion or RH (I heard they were a pain and steered clear of them) but if you’re looking to fem fashion, I’ve got you covered! I have some of the American Duchess patterns (S8161 is my favorite and easily modified for multiple looks!), and several historical patterns from various places (etsy, Mccalls, youtube, and 8+ years of studying 18c garments for fun). I will say though that thrifting has served me well and I recently picked up several very good linen outfit pieces from target so that option is always there too!

Excited to meet you in Fall and good luck with your sewing adventures!


I’ve made the RH 1780s Frock Coat. It turned out looking really nice, but doesn’t drape well, and had some awkward bits in the cuffs. I hope to try it again sometime, and maybe my experience will help it go better. /shrug They work, they’re just a lot of trouble.



Were the instructions as bad for you as they were for me on those JPRyan breeches? If I didn’t watch a youtuber make them, I’d have never figured it out. Plus the pics in the instruction are wrong in places, and two of the patterns are mislabeled. Of course, then after I had it almost done I found that the legs were so tight that you could see my arteries. (;

Going to play at altering the pattern now that I know more. But also getting a pattern for 1720s french pants/waistcoat from Henry Cooke. I’ll report back on my findings when they show up.

Thank you everyone for the hints, tips, and experience. I appreciate it!


I mostly managed to figure it out in the end, or I guessed somewhere enough in the ballpark that things seem to have come together for a durable end product, but I absolutely had that issue on their frock coat pattern (and I also ran into the tight leg problem!)

Always happy to chat more pattern things, and looking forward to hearing your results on the Henry Cooke pattern. I’m experimenting on one from Laughing Moon; the first pair of breeches ended up WAY too long!