September Donation List

We’re looking for some items to help make our fall/winter seasons even more amazing! Thank you so much for helping!

Remember: please ship all items to Brian Misamore, 283 Washington St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139. Once you purchase, send receipts to so we can get you your donation CP.

Claim items with a reply to this message on the forums .

Also: one note - #1 is not Prime, so if you’re on the fence about which to order, order that.

  1. 6x (the white ones) (CLAIMED)

  2. 6x (3 OF 6 CLAIMED)

  3. 12x (bird masks, 12 masks so 6x the 2-packs) (CLAIMED)

  4. 4x (CLAIMED)

  5. 12x (brown)

  6. 12x (red)

  7. 12x (royal) (4 OF 12 CLAIMED)

  8. 12x (slate)

  9. 12x (olive)

  10. 12x (purple) (CLAIMED)

  11. 12x (sunflower) (7 OF 12)

  12. 1 4-pack of (CLAIMED)

Thank you everyone for making this game as amazing as it can be!

Brian Misamore
Game Director

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I’ll take 3 of the masks for #4


I will take 3 of #1.

I will take all of #3.

I will take the remaining 3 of #1

I’ll take 1 of #2.

I bought an XL/XXL

I’ll take care of #12

I’ll grab the remaining 1 of #4

I’ll grab 1 of #2.

I’ll get #10 in entirety

one (1) of #2

I can get four of #7 – do you only want size XL, or a variety of sizes?

Does PK use the same stash of packets as WW for NPCs? Asking because as of today WW stash is tapped so I don’t know if we need more. If we do, I have a stockpile I can bring.


Just XL, thanks.

We have our own stockpile, but I suspect would not look askance at more.

Number 11. I will purchase 7 of them in various sizes

I can easily give you as much as 200 this event, pre packed in increments of 50. Idk if the CP ratio is set by # of packets or # of hours but I know I averaged 2min/packet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s by time - and sure, we can take as many packets as you want to make us.

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