Sending letters in BGS

how many letters can one send through BGS?
I regularly send one. i have reason to want to send two, now… but i dont want to be gaming the system. (My brain just doesn’t do “write letter during game” setting).

I’m assuming you mean how many letters can you use your focus to send?

If you just want to send letters munadenly without the “oomph” of focus our post office is capable of sending mail off-island for 1d per letter. (or on-island for 1p)

But is it kosher to send a letter as a BGS if you forgot (or didn’t think) to send it during the session?

i know it’s kosher to send 1 letter by unmarked bgs because i’ve been doing it for like 3 seasons. now i’m wondering if i can send 2 that way or if i should use my focus for the second one

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Wait you can send letters in bgs without focus? I was told I couldn’t do that.

This is why we have this thread!

I’ve been able to send letters with not-focus BGS if I was instructed by an NPC to do so but I’m unsure about if I thought of a fun letter to send immediately after game-off.

i mean mine are in response to in-game letters from NPCs but i haven’t got told off for doing it yet…

Staff? Could I have been responding to the letters I’ve been recieving, even though I’ve struggled to get my shit together enough to send by Sunday? Can I start, now?

gently paging staff

((I think most of staff is super busy this week, so there might not be a staff answer until next week))

I’ll ping Adrian. Next week is too late…

Here is an exhaustive list of ways you can send letters in game:

  • You may send letters as a “flavor” for any of your normal BGS (i.e. “I spend points of PI to do this thing, I do this by sending letters to members of the house of nobility saying the following”)
  • You may, specifically, use your Focus to send any number of letters that may or may not get responded to, as long as you also turn in the ducat cost of the stamps at check-in. (this one is the haziest - staff reserves the right to curtail it if people consistently send A TON this way, and I’m having you turn in the $ at checkin rather than to the TC because this is a huge pain in the ass logistically already, and I would strongly prefer that you not do it)
  • You may send letters that you do not intend for staff to respond to via unmarked BGS (the only response you will get is “you send this”. If staff is giving you plot related to such letters, they’re doing it wrong and should stop it :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • You may write letters in advance of game, print them out, and send them in the mailbox (with associated stamp)
  • You may write letters during game and send them in the mailbox (with associated stamp)

Here are some things not to do with letters:

  • you may NOT send letters in the postbox without stamps
  • you may NOT send letters in BGS with no associated skill if you intend for staff to respond to them or for them to affect plots
  • you may NOT just say “I send a letter to so-and-so” without actually specifying the contents of the letter, unless it is a letter of the “flavor for your other BGS” variety.

Thanks Haley! One quick clarification, then. How would one send a package?