Selling jewelry IG

Hello all! I play Augustus. I work as a jeweler in my spare time, and I was wondering if there was any interest if I were to offer to sell jewelry IG for Ducats. It would mostly be sterling silver stuff, things that I have repaired, modified, or sized. I would be charging about 5-20 Ducats per item, with a few of the more extravagant things being 20+. I’ve got a number of old projects kicking around, a pretty decent variety of pieces, and wanted to give you guys a shot at stuff before trying to sell them to strangers.

I would also be able to offer on the spot professional-quality polishing and cleaning services, both for things I sell and for your other pieces, for probably only a couple of ducats depending on what I’m cleaning/polishing.

Anyone interested?

(The picture is just an idea of the quality of items I would offer, rather than actual pieces that are for sale. I’ve got a bunch more silver stuff I would bring if there is interest.)