Sell or Donate Trade Goods to the Town Council

Good evening,

As you may be aware, the Town Council prefers whenever possible to buy trade goods from a variety of people in an attempt to ensure that our funds do not simply go into the same pockets over and over. Logistics at a busy festival do not always permit us to buy single trade goods from 10 people, but I am hoping to make it easier to spread out our purchases by assembling a list before the festival.

This festival we are primarily interested in Iron, Wood and Copper.

If you are interested in having the town council buy your trade goods, please respond below with how many you would like to sell and the price you are hoping to sell it for. Please note that your response below does not commit the town council to buying your goods.

If you are interested in donating trade goods or ducats to town council while we are occupied, you are also welcome to respond below so that a town councilor can connect with you at Souls.

Yours in Community,

Countess Rukiye Maryam Naima bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta min thaanee bayt Hapaloch Lunata no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira
Town Councilor, Port Katherine

[OOG Note: Our goal here is to start game with a solid list of people who want me to connect with them at some point in game to buy their goods for town council, especially if you are a newer player who needs to turn the not super useful to you trade goods you have into ducats. It is not a commitment to buy or even a promise I will successfully find you because I am human, but a list to make it easier to know who wants me to try.]


I’m happy to sell 2 iron and however much wood I end up with (iirc 8) to the town council.

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Hello! It is almost time for the festival! If you would like me to attempt to reach out to you at game regarding buying trade goods from you, please let me know.

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ORTC is always happy to do business. Iron and wood we have in decent supply, so if you’re looking for those, just let me know. Happy to let other folks in town do business as well.