Selections available at the Bar this Summer

Good Afternoon and Happy Summer!

As the early half of the season winds down, I wanted to advertise a bit on some of the very special imports I will be obtaining at the bar in time for the Fire Festival. On the last evening of Early summer (Friday evening) I will be selling one bottle each of three special reserve beverages at a very low price in order to spread the word. Saturday I will then be taking bids on one bottle of each with the sale to be finalized at the dinner hour. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to have more available, but we have quite a pirate problem in the area so it can be hard to bring in luxury goods!

These special reserves are as follows:

Berry Merry Amrita: A Sparking Sweet Apple Blueberry Nectar - 6d
(To clarify: A mix of blueberry and apple sodas)

Sambucus Chameijun: A fermented tea with elderberry juice - 7d Saturday night
(To Clarify: Aqua ViTea brand elderberry Kombucha)

Uisge Beatha (pronounced: ooshkie bayha): A Traditional Zlotch Whiskey - 8d
(To Clarify: Barley Tea steeped with fresh ginger root for burn, Liquor quick Scotch whiskey essence and liquid smoke)

In addition to the luxuries above, here is what I will have on Tap:

Breakfast Drinks:

Hilari Mare: “Raspberry Infused, extra smooth, cold-steeped coffee” - 0.2d
(To Clarify: Raspberry flavored coffee steeped for 24 hours)

There will also be a few pitchers of sweet juices available with ice. - 2d per pitcher
Coconut Pineapple or Tropical Citrus Mix
(To clarify: Hawaiian punch)

To refresh the palate and slake the thirst:

Raspberry Iced Tea - 0.1d
(To Clarify: Lipton Mix)

PeachPom Blossom: A sparkling juice of pomegranate, peach, and rose. - 0.2d
(To Clarify: Pomegranate seltzer, peach nectar, and rose syrup)

Summer Cinchona Tonic: “A Cinchona tonic with cucumbers and hints of melon” - 0. 2d
(To Clarify: Tonic water, Cut cucumbers, Cucumber Melon Seltzer, and Melon powerade)

To Relax the spirit:

Victory by DeMalt: “A dark malted beer with a sweet sassafras flavor and notes of vanilla” - 0.2d
(To Clarify: Orange Vanilla Seltzer, Root Beer, and Malt power)

Sparkling Sangaree: “A sparkling red wine sweetened with fruit juice.” - 0.3d
(To clarify: Sangría Señorial carbonated beverage from the mexican market)



I look forward to spending my coin at your fine establishment! Your offerings look wonderful!

James Corvid

As an OOG Note, if you are suffering ANY signs of heat stroke PLEASE come to the bar for complimentary tonic. Quinine is good for cramps, and the cucumbers and powerade are loaded with other electrolytes.


These all sound quite wonderful.

– Waxillium Wick