Seeking Info on Efforts Contributing to the Rebuilding of Drevnia

I was out of town when the news hit and was at sea for some time after, so I’m out of the loop on local efforts.
I’m looking for information on

  • who in Drevnia is trying to make sure that folks back home stay fed, watered, housed, sane, and free
  • what they need to do that, and how badly
  • what’s getting in their way
  • who in our fair town is supporting these efforts (and who wants to be but doesn’t know how)

I’ve seen the goings-on in the paper - I’m looking for information that’s either more recent or more detailed than all that. Or both. I won’t complain about both.

If you post it below, I’m sure other folks are looking for the same sort of info; or if it’s a sensitive tidbit you can slip me a note. Either way, let me know how I can make it up to you.

– RI


Not more recent, but maybe more detailed?

I visited just before New Years. At that time, the Czernobog Syndicate was pretty much running things, and not being very subtle about their presence. Also, they were most likely going through people’s mail to collect sent money.

They were also taking payment for the “protection” they were offering, and stealing from those who were already hurting to pay.

For all their bad, I can’t argue with their organization, though - they sure did seem to be making a lot of progress clearing out the streets, and they even ferried food and basic medical supplies to the people of the neighborhoods they were working in.

Most of the supplies and food seem to be coming from syndicate ‘financing’ (see above re mail and ‘protection’). And aid from outside organizations is only making its way to the people once it’s passed through syndicate hands.

Which is a long way of saying, I’m not sure what’s needed, or most helpful at this time.

But, all of this was before Andrei Mikhailovich started helping. So I don’t know how, or if, that changes things at all.

Sorry I couldn’t be more illuminating; my attentions were rather split during my visit.

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The Czernobog are currently running the streets of the city, distributing aid as they see fit. It’s far from a perfect solution, but there seems to be a sort of regional pride among their rank-and-file that’s motivating their efforts. We may have to hold our noses and work with/through them if we want the common folks to receive any aid at all, since local government in Drevnia is so overwhelmed. I have some family in Drevnia that may be able to help or otherwise coordinate (at least one of my sisters is active in relief efforts island-side), but as James said, the mail is no longer secure, so we either need to circumvent the usual correspondence methods or accept that whatever we do will be filtered through the Czernobog. I’m happy to talk more on the matter in private. You know how to find me.

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