Seeking Coordination

Hey folks, with War come to our island, I’m bumping up the priority of my planned invention of Chest Armor usable by people other than trained soldiers. If there is anyone available who would be willing to coordinate, it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if anyone wishes to contribute experimentation to this project, that would also be appreciated.

Hi everyone. This project currently needs 11 more experimentation and a coordination if we want to finish in time for the summer festival. One method of compensation available is giving you access to the schematic to get a set made once the schematic is finished, as well as assistance locating all the materials you need to get it built, or I can likely pay for the coordination and experimentation. Please contact me if you have time available.

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Sure, I can spend 5 experimentation on this.

I’ll let you know if I find someone to coordinate.

I am willing to coordinate. I have never done this before so just email me how i should proceed.

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That’d be great. I’ll reach out to you once I know the full list of folks who will be joining me in my experimentation. If I can find a scholar to coordinate instead, I might have them do that, because your focus could probably be better used on other actions if there’s an available scholar.

I’m looking to hire two more hours of experimentation if anyone has any handy. That’s all we’d need to finish the schematic.