Seeking/Buying Information

A document hangs from the bulletin board in the tavern

Fellow Citizens,

I am working on several different investigations and am trying to plan the course of my research between Souls and Remembrance. It is my hope to avoid reinventing the wheel on research others have already done, and to that point I am reaching out in hopes to find any information whatsoever on the following topics:

  1. Anton Gustav, and/or the group known as Gustav, Gustav, and Gustav.
  2. Captain Merwin Smith, and/or the Blue River Trading Company.
  3. The Shadows, the Shadow Changeling, and the Balance between the Seasons.
  4. The Shattering.

These topics are not necessarily related. I may be a bit spread thin in the projects I’ve taken on. Any information, no matter how innocuous seeming, would be extremely helpful. I am open to donations of information and am also willing to pay.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Countess Isaac Everhart, Esq.