Seasons' Edge: How are we doing?

Hello Port Katherine!

I am soliciting feedback on the Seasons’ Edge! How are we doing? What have been your favorite meals that you’d like to eat again? To date we’ve been trying to switch up every meal themed to each season, but I’ve been thinking of creating a set menu for each festival to reduce the amount of new recipe gathering->scaling to 100 servings->logistics work. Are there dishes you would like to see in game? Has there been enough food and variety of food? What are your favorite snacks that we definitely shouldn’t cull from the snack table? Have we done a good job accommodating for your dietary restrictions?

Let me know what you think either here or in a personal message and I’ll try to guide my future endeavors.



You guys are great and incredible and wonderful! The tika masala last game literally gave me life and was delicious XD


Personally, I’d be fine with a more constant menu. Either 100% fixed, or mostly constant only rotating a couple of the dishes rather than the full menu.

Sometimes it feels like the snacks run out during late night, especially Friday night of games. (Or at least, the absolutely delicious flavored butters) so having a way to make sure those get restocked regularly would be super appreciated.

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I was so sad I missed it.

The menus are very nice! The butters and breads are great, and the herby cheesy biscuits are particularly delicious. The sheer variety of delicious food has been amazing and you deserve all the accolades for keeping us so well fed.

I think the main thing I would maybe like is green salads with fixings on the side. And having more non-egg sources of protein in the mornings would be great.


Agree, I sometimes avoid eating breakfast because it is so egg heavy.

I’ve absolutely adored every version of breakfast carbs you’ve ever done, and also if we’re locking in previous dishes for frequent returns I vote strongly for the pot pie from last winter. Ye gods that was delicious and I don’t even like Turkey generally


I love that there are always bananas, bread, and hard-boiled eggs, for when all I want is a quick hit of potassium, carbs, or protein.
While I appreciate the existence of herbed butter, I only ever use it because the honey butter is always gone.
I tried to pick out which meals from the past I liked, but I will unhelpfully say they were all good. Repeating a thematic meal every season sounds great, and it’s not like you won’t be able to refine things or change it up later.


The breads/ various snack plates out late at night are such a life saver for me personally since I’m Bad At Eating Enough and breads are generally in the “easy” boat, scallion butter is just a bonus!

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I love the Cassoulet and stew type meals, and the savory kuku or frittata breakfast meals.

For snacks, I think all of the pickles you make are amazing. While sometimes I need carbs/protein, I’ll snack on the pickles just because I like them and that’s probably good for me.

Oh dang yeah the pickled eggs were great, more of those

The cinnamon bread was delicious.
I love that there are always pickles around because I always need salt.

Really, I’ve loved most things, though the potato pancakes less than other things.

I must second the pot pie. I had the vegetarian version and I ate more than I truly should have for my own comfort, because it was just so good I couldn’t bring myself to stop!