Searching for Survivors in Drevnia

Fellow Citizens of Port Katherine,

I am departing shortly for Drevnia. I know that many of us are living with uncertainty about the wellbeing of loved ones on the island, and that not everyone has the opportunity to check in on them in person.

If it provides any small comfort, I would like to sincerely offer to personally check on anyone still missing. Multiple people have given me lists of people to look for. Please contact me if you have names to add. I will do my best to find as many as I can, and to return with news as soon as possible.

Drevnia has shaken, but it will not fall. We will find those who are still out there. Kithira stands with us.

Lt. Amity Harlow


scrawled addition

I’ll be going too. More eyes, better chance, I figure. I know other folks are going too. Maybe post a list for all of us to check on, so we can all keep an eye out?



I will also be going. Please, allow me to help as well. I may find doors are open to me that would be closed to many others.

-Countess von Silberholtz


I will be joining Lt. Harlow on this trip off island. Any medical professionals, no matter your skill level who wish to assist, I call upon you to join me. I will be offering medical treatment to those in need, no mater how grave or small their injury. We will defer to medical operations there, unless we find them severely wanting. In which case we will establish a small center of care.
You need not be a surgeon, skills in tending, taking notes of injuries for surgeons, providing comfort or apothecary skills are also welcomed.

These will be long days. Trying, difficult, but needed. They may be thankless days. I thank you now, knowing we will do our best to provide a measure of peace and solidarity before the war to come.

Ms. Dr. Bethany G. Morris


I cannot go to Drevnia, as I have time sensitive buisness elsewhere, but if anyone has the time to look into the das Amsel family I would be incredibly greatful.


Petra, with your permission, I will share the list of names you gave me with the others traveling to Drevnia. As Stev said, more eyes, better chance.



If anyone going to Drevnia could just keep an ear open for word about Hannu Tarhanmagd , please? Don’t go out of your way or anything but if you happen to hear our unpronounceable last name…


I’m also looking more generally, as I have a number of relatives in Drevnia. My immediate family is Doran das Amsel, Dame Shay das Amsel, and Iskra das Amsel. I could do a full list of aunts and cousins, but it would be a large number of names.


I would be interested if any reports on casualties from the University apothecary staff or greenhouse staff, and any news about the whereabouts of Ariella Adare.


I’ll also be traveling to Drevnia, and have a few names to look up. Happy to look for more folks while I’m there.