Safe Deposit Boxes available

Hi everyone,

At this point, I’ve learned enough about banking to be able to effectively offer safe deposit boxes in a limited capacity. Per item you would like stored, it will cost 5D for initial storage, and then a recurring 1D fee for each event thereafter. Please contact me either before or during the festival to set up your storage. I should also be able to process bulk storage after Remembrance.

Yours in Service,
Jules Alabaster

OOG Notes

Hi folks, I’ve finally learned the skill that lets me store more than a single item per rank of banker. One item is defined very literally. If you want to store 20 iron, that currently is 20 items. I’ll be able to store bulk stuff soon, but expect bulk storage to be more expensive for a small number of things but cost less overall per item.

I am willing to store your items that you have deposited between events if you’d like, up to a reasonable size/weight so I don’t have to fill up my car transporting bank props.

I am the only person who has access to items you store with me, other players can’t just buy the banker skill and start accessing stuff I’m storing. The banker skill gives each banker separate storage.

Feel free to reach ou

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