Rules Update, Version 1.5

We have a new version of the rulebook, version 1.5!

There’s four major rules changes you should know about:

  • We’ve added a “coup de grace” call. This is a critical against an unconscious or helpless target. We were previously just using “critical” for this, but that became confusing with the counted “critical strike 1,” etc, and it wasn’t clear that it wasn’t interrupted because it was done. So, new call.
  • The “Disease” call has been replaced with the “Blight” call. Same effect, but (hopefully) less reminding of tragedy.
  • Fireball has been replaced with [Elemental] Blast, and Artificers will now use their element for this call. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for powerful elemental calls.
  • Cooking items no longer need to be consumed at meal time, but any time with 5 minutes out of combat. The intention here is that cooking can be any time, but please don’t rush off to the side of a fight, count five minutes, then eat. That’s not the intention.

We know these changes are going to cause a cascade of issues with potion tags/schematics/etc, and we’re going to work through them slowly. Please do not come to us and let us know your tag is wrong for a few events while we work through this.

Full Changelog:

  • History of Kithira / Dates and Times: Added notes on the nonexistence of the years 1720 and 1721
  • Added Coup de Grace call
  • Clarified incorrect wording about vials vs elixirs
  • Replaced “Disease” with ”Blight”
  • Replaced “Fireball” with “ Blast”
  • Cooking: use of recipes no longer limited to mealtime, but food must be eaten outside of combat
  • Artificer: Updated to reflect Elemental Blast changes, moved Elemental Affinity language into its own line item instead of having it exist in both Elemental Volley and Elemental Blade
  • Scholar: Clarified that Research Assistant only works on non-starred skills
  • Marketplace Appendix: Updated for consistency with how it’s actually run

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine