Rules Clarifications

Two related engineer questions:

  1. May an engineer who owns a schematic (say, spring) use that schematic to make 2 springs in one BGS, assuming they have 2 uses of Craft Basic Engineering Schematic and turned in the right number of resources at check-out? Or would they need to own two spring schematics?
  2. May two engineers share a schematic that one of them owns (assuming the owner is willing), such that each of them makes one spring from the same schematic during the same BGS? Or would each of them need to own the spring schematic?

You may make as many copies of engineering items as you wish, using a single schematic.

You may not share schematics between engineers in a single BGS cycle. However, you may trade them at game.

Just out of curiosity, could this be “worked around” with focus? Could one of them use their focus to coordinate with the other person and use the same schematic?

You could use focus for one to create a part that could be used by the other in one of their schematics, but they may not share the same schematic.

In the way that the challenge of Apothecary is discovery, the challenge of Engineer is coordination and planning (with discovery being far more linear).

Interesting. How does this apply to Research Assistant?

Once per BGS period, you may choose another player with a header-based BGS skill (i.e. Research, Experimentation, any Schematics skills, any Vial or Component Chemistry skills, and any additional BGS that may be unlocked as advancements in headers) and provide as many additional uses of that skill as you have purchases of Research Assistant.

But not profession based BGS, like Legal Research?

“a header-based BGS skill”

Yes; I read the description. I just want to clarify if the Scholar also needs their own copy of the schematic in order to provide those additional uses. I assume not?

The key piece is that the scholar only gives the Engineer extra uses of their skill, they don’t do or make anything themselves, so the schematic is not needed.

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Parry says “You cannot parry packet attacks, uncalled hits, voice attacks, Pierce, Subdue, or Assassinate.” Does this mean you can parry foam balls?

Clarification about chaining BGS between groups:
If a group of people all wanted to use their BGS skills to perform a similar action (like, for example, spending social influence to make purple wigs more fashionable), would they be required to use someone’s focus and chain their actions?
Or could there simply be an uptick in the number of fashionable people wearing purple wigs in their BGS?

Chaining BGS: let’s say you have 7 people use 1 point of Political Influence on something. It will be stronger if chained together as a single 7-point use, rather than 7 single-point uses. You may do it either way, but the first version will have more of an effect.

Does Political Influence expire if not used the event after it is earned?
Also, what could be done with a single Influence point?
Eg. Melope currently has 1 point of Political Influence for wearing a cockade last game. Do I need to figure out something to spend it on, (if so, what?) or can I wait and see if I get more & can use it on something substantial?

Political Influence lasts until your next BGS cycle. If you attend every event, it must be used in the BGS cycle immediately following. It does not accumulate, nor last if unused. In other words, you should figure out something to use it on or let it go. It’s entirely reasonable to say “I don’t have anything to use this on” and let it go. It was, after all, free.

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Question on malicious surgery:
If you are performing a surgery in the hospital, must you take the mechanical benefit of only placing one black bead in their bag, or could you opt to perform essentially a field surgery inside of the hospital - rp wise, not use the superior tools provided to you in the hospital, etc -, thus placing two black beads in their bag?

You may perform a field surgery in the hospital if you wish.

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I was wondering about something for BGS. Lets say I want to travel in my BGS to a specific location, but we don’t actually have a ship in town to go anywhere. Is it possible to travel. Specifically, if I wanted to do research ‘somewhere’ in particular, how does that work? Or is research not that specific?

If you do not have a ship or have previously arranged something with an NPC, you need to use your Focus to travel.

If a landowner has a laborer work their land, and the public work that doubles their output is in effect, how does that math work? Multiplicative or additive? Essentially would you get 2.5 total yield (base + 50% from laborer, + 100% from public work, or would you get 3 total yield (base + 50% from laborer + 150% from doubling) ?

Public works and laborers are multiplicative (ie if you have both, you receive your ranks in landowner, times 1.5, times 2, or 3x your original ranks).

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Inspired by the boxing match (and how it almost played out): Is there a way to

  1. Use skills via packets when “boxing”?
  2. Regain skills used for “boxing” after the 5 minutes recovery window?
  3. Use skills, in addition to “pain”, that a boxer might not have outside the ring?

If the answer is FoiG, I have a plan, but in case the answer is a simple yes or no, I figured I’d ask.

Mostly, the answer is “find out in game,” but I will direct your attention to the fact that a “Pugilist” specialization exists for Skirmisher.

Additional clarification for #3
If I start a boxing match with other PCs in the tavern or field (say, this winter), can we use trip calls, even if we don’t have the skill normally (or any other pre-agreed upon calls)?
(This question is specifically can we do so at this time; not could we do so in the future)

As long as everyone involved agrees and there are no long-term mechanical game consequences, I don’t see any reason why not.

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The cannon. I didn’t see a red sticker or anything on it. Are we able to move it wherever we want or does it have to stay in a certain area?

Can we drag it up the hill to fire on pirates or keep it in a cabin to have a home defense cannon?

Curious what we can and cannot do with this cannon :slight_smile:

Given how often the surgeons cluster together during fights: can multiple surgeons use the same medical tent or does each one have to set up a separate tent? (Included in this question, I suppose, is whether a non-true surgeon can piggyback on a true surgeon’s tent)

“Medical Tent (2*): Spend 1 minute setting up your medical equipment. Once this is complete, as long as you stay within 5 feet of where you set up, your natural Healing skills are doubled.”

(italics added to provide the answer to your question)

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If we die at a game and decide to crunch instead of immediately jumping into a new character, can we still give them the lesson? Just so we don’t have to pack double for the worst case scenario?

A character cannot receive a lesson for a game they did not attend, and new characters cannot receive lessons from games before they have entered Port Katherine.

Can Vials/Elixirs with BGS effects be consumed between games?

E.G. Between gatherings, Mel has realized that she needs a point of research for a project, but she doesn’t have the skill. Can she:

A) Drink the Acorn Tea Elixir she has in her bag, turning 2 points of Experimentation into Research. (And turn in the Acorn Tea at Winter check-in)

B) Distill the Acorn she turned in at Fall checkout, and consume the resulting Knowledge Vial immediately (gaining one Research).

C) Be SOL because neither A) nor B) is allowed.

Also, would A or B require Focus?

Elixirs and vials are intended to be consumed during game.

Socialite says we’ll get a summary of Influence points between game off and the BGS deadline. I assume it has to wait for after the PEL deadline

The PEL deadline is in fact after the BGS deadline for the period from Fall 1718 to Winter 1718. I don’t want to skimp on my PEL, but I do want to be sure Adrian has all info that might be relevant for awarding Political Influence. How much does information from the PEL potentially affect influence?

We will provide the Political Influence scores prior to the BGS deadline; they do not require PELs for processing, merely sanity on the part of your staff.

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Isadora is starting an Artificer’s Association, which I am imagining much like the Widow(er)'s Club can simply come to exist locally by my starting it. I assume, though, that if we wanted the association to have any wider effect/mechanic (e.g. correspondence with Artificers on other islands), I would need to spend a Focus on establishing it?

You do not need to spend anything to establish a club - merely get other PCs to participate.

If you want more broad-reaching authority or influence, you should seek that through skills that provide that (or by spending your Focus on those specific goals).

Quick question that I have heard different takes on: Temporary skills granted by tags or items, do these dissipate at the end of an event or do they carry over if unused? Thanks!

They expire at the end of the event.

If we suspect something might have an effect but staff isn’t present, what’s the best way to quickly get information? Stop by staff center? Look for the nearest senior staff?


  • If someone is holding a loaded gun, and picks up another gun that they didn’t realize was loaded but it is, that seems likely to result in something bad.
  • We now know large amounts of arcanum + sense of purpose can result in an elemental. If someone is carrying around a lot of arcanum, and possessed of a sense of purpose, how do they know at what point this becomes a problem? Especially considering this information may not be widely disseminated, someone might learn about it and already have a large amount on their person.
  • Any other situation where a player is aware of a reason there might be a mechanical effect but has no idea what it is

If you don’t know what a mechanical effect is, there is no mechanical effect. We understand that sometimes this will cause continuity breaks; that’s ok.


Is there any particular policy on selling things we make OOG for ducats IG? So far I’ve seen it for small things (e.g. cockades), and it seems that’s been fine, but I’ve been contemplating having Isadora offer to import jewelry from her family’s estate, which I would be crafting between games. I can envision this sort of thing straying into using OOG resources to unfairly generate IG income, so I don’t want to run afoul of anything like that. Seems like a cool thing as far as RP and character development though.

You can sell things in game that you produce out of game as long as they meet the following condition: you added value to the final product.

So… if you make jewelry, that’s totally ok. If you buy sodas and mix drinks and provide the experience of bartending, that’s ok. If you buy sodas and just sell them in the can, that’s not ok.


Called skills - can I call multiple skills per strike?
ex: calling “disarm and trip” with one send strike

Effect stacking like this can happen, but only when a skill or an effect explicitly says to - you cannot choose to combine the “disarm” skill and the “trip” skill as presented in the rulebook.

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Disease says “no beneficial effects” until cured. Does that include armor repair/weapon augs/gun loading, which are more like effects to your stuff?
If you drink an elixir, do you get the bad effects but not the good ones?

It includes any beneficial effects to you, not your gear. This includes drinking elixirs or any other method by which you might gain a beneficial effect.

would I still take elixir PENALTIES?


If I bought a rank of socialite now, would it add to my current political influence, or not until I’ve played a game with it and it gets factored into the numbers? :slight_smile:

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Can farming/gardening be split and shared like research?