Rules Clarifications

Our first event has run, and you have played with our mechanics, so let us know if you found edge cases or what things where confusing!

Post any questions you might have on the rules or mechanics here, and staff will answer them. Please note: this is not a thread for discussion, so please limit posts to questions you may have, or edge cases you are concerned about. Also, players, please refrain from answering questions, and let @hbrandte or @Misamore do so, just so answers on this thread are definitive.


As an ice artificer, how much damage do I take from:
Fire Strike

Fire: 2 damage (2x1)
Fire Strike: 10 damage (2x5)
Fireball: reduces you to zero vitality (2x"all" is still “all”)


Players, please refrain from answering questions, and let @hbrandte or @Misamore do so. I am also moderating thank you comments, and “I had that questions as well”, to try and keep stuff well-organized.


If I am picking someone up to move them, and I use Walk With Spirits, do I drop them immediately, or are they now incorporeal like me?

They fall out of your hands. They do not become incorporeal.

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Can you tend while moving?

You cannot.


If I’m learning a header via lessons (at the true/advanced/specialized level), and one of the skills I would be learning is a skill that is already available to me through a different header, do I still need a lesson in it?

You do not. You already know that skill, so you’re already a bit on your way toward unlocking the next advancement in your header.

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Do I need to have purchased the skill, or just have it available for purchase?

I’m planning to learn manufacture bullet as my lesson. Based on the game off talk, I think that gets me one pick of manufacture bullet for a year, until I actually open the skill. Is that pick refreshable, either with regular overnight refresh or bonus summer refresh or tags or bread or something, or is it a flat 1/event?

It’s a flat 1/event.

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If someone uses a research assistant skill on an apothecary, can it be used on the healing tonic vials and if so, is that covered under efficient batching?

It can be used on the vials and it is doubled by efficient batching. It grants the apothecary an additional use of the skill, just like it was on their sheet.


You can refresh Vitality with bread, as it is a 1CP skill.

There are three knowledges you can select: Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering (Medicine is sneaky and hidden in Surgery).

They look good. You can learn true skills from a header you are not true in, and when you have all the true skills, you can become true in that header.

There are 4 skills in every path.

If we remember you being there and you clearly remember enough, it’s fine. You need all the details to use your focus for a lesson you didn’t get (because, in theory, you need to track down the NPC, etc)

We try to make it obvious, and we try to charge when we do. We don’t try to hide our teachers (for example, Stanton used a few Scholar skills this game, to show he’s more than just a Soldier).

Hope that helped!


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I’m asking this one for a friend. Elemental Blade gives you a “Strike” of the Element you choose. So Ice Strike or Fire Strike. That is 5 damage as the strike, correct?


Socialite says we’ll get a summary of Influence points between game off and the BGS deadline. I assume it has to wait for after the PEL deadline, so you know what we did, but there’s only a week gap there. Should we just assume we have our base well-connected points this time, and any in-game modifiers will apply to next time?

I’ll post it to the forums in a day or two. I need to compile Adrian’s data, and she’s at a conference for work.



If you receive a lesson in an unlimited skill like 2 weapon fighting, how does that work with the one free use you get until the header is opened? (Or a year passes?)

However the best use of “one time” works. So, for Agility or Extra Vitality, you start with it and then it doesn’t recover. Chest Armor can be broken once. etc. For two weapons, you can use it for one fight.


For Walk With Spirits, can we move through doors, bars, other normal physical barriers that we’d be otherwise able to while corporeal?

Yes, though please don’t do anything unsafe out of game.

Better answer: you can go through doors, bars, other physical impediments, but not walls, since we often use walls to demarcate mod boundaries and walking through walls would require a lot of backpedaling past people out of game, etc.

What about locked doors, chains or other physical restraints?

You can, yes.

A small extension of this question, if you are Rooted and you Walk with Spirits, do you cease to be Rooted?

You continue to suffer from all effects you are being affected by when you initiate a Walk with Spirits.


What is required to learn a True skill in a header that you have but aren’t yet True in?

The four True skills, acquired just like Advanced header skills.

So, to clarify (because I’m not 100% clear yet), I’d need to:
-find a teacher who will teach me the Skill
-pay for and participate in a lesson related to that skill
-spend my lesson slot for the event on that lesson
-repeat the above steps for each of the 4 True skills in the Header, becoming true in the Header and freely able to spend CP on those skills once I’m done
-While I am going through this process, I am unable to actually spend CP on a True skill that I’ve taken a lesson for until I’m actually True in the header, correct?
- But, as a consolation, I’ll have a single free use of the skill per event for 4 consecutive events?

Yes, exactly.

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In order to use a skill in BGS, must you have purchased that skill prior to the event, or can you purchase a skill between games and then immediately use it? For example, if I now purchase a new research skill with CP earned from Spring 2018 (or purchase it as part of a character respec), am I able to use that research skill this BGS period, or not until the BGS period after Summer 2018?

You can use it now, but you need to have it on your sheet by the BGS deadline.

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Foam balls - for the purposes of abilities such as “Evasive Maneuvers” do foam balls count as packets, or are they distinct?

Foam balls and packets are distinct.

I’m not sure if this exactly goes here, but what needs to be included in a letter to ensure it arrives in the right place? Is it enough to just get the NPC’s name right, or do we need City/Street/Etc?

You should have NPC name and island. Confirm with the mail carrier when you hand them the letter that it’s sufficient.

Does the Scholar skill Perscipacity work on Spiritual or Arcane Perception tags?

Yes, if two conditions are met:

The Knowledge tag can be read by the scholar
The Knowledge tag “allows an action to be taken.”
Most spiritual and arcane perception tags do not allow an action to be taken.

guess I need further clarification on “allows an action to be taken.”

The Music In The Air tag gave an additional use of Walk With Spirits. Would that fulfill the brief (if I was also a Scholar with Perscipacity), or is it restricted to a Knowledge skill learned under the Scholar header?

The other example would be the one which allowed for an Arcane Fire Strike packet to be thrown.

So, many knowledge tags say something like “These are good beetles. You may spend 5 minutes to grind them up and make a paste that heals 3 damage.” This is an action to be taken.

Spiritual Perception tags say something like, “you get a vision of being on fire. Gain a Flame Strike packet.” That’s not an action to be taken, that’s an effect based on the experience.

There may be spiritual perception or arcane perception tags that indicate you can do something, but these will be very rare.

Hmm. You know what? Better answer: assume you can’t. We’ll tell you specifically if you can.

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Can multiple Perscipacity be used on the same tag to get even more uses?

Depends on the tag, but typically not (there’s only so many beetles).

Edit by Ducky: We will try and specify if a tag can have Perscipacity used on it more than once.