Rules Change: Temporary Staffing

We’ve been bouncing around some ideas about what to do with players who are unable to attend our game because of the cap. Here’s the rule we’re going to run in the fall, and we’ll see how it goes to determine if it will be permanent.

If you:
a) cannot attend a game because that game is at capacity, and
b) are on the waitlist for that game, and
c) are registered to staff that event, and
d) plan to apply the CP from staffing that event to Port Katherine and not another cast swap game

Then, prior to the event, you may submit either:
a) a focus, or
b) a lesson

During the event, we will work with you to try to let your character get out into game for some portion (often your next lesson, if that’s what you want, or a major event your character is interested in). Obviously, we cannot promise that we’ll be able to accommodate this, but we will try.

We’re working on the website infrastructure (and plan to have it done well before the BGS deadline for Fall) to support staff-registered BGS, such as lessons or focus, and we cannot process any additional BGS (just either the focus or the lesson), but this should prevent anyone from “falling behind” due to the cap.

Any questions, please let me know.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


This is such an awesome offer. Thanks Brian.

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