Rulebook v1.2

I am pleased to announce the release of the Port Katherine rulebook, version 1.2.

Changes include:

  • Worldviews and Philosophy: added a section on gender equality and the Kithiran matriarchal tradition
  • Worldviews and Philosophy: Added reference to the Saints of the Sea in religions
  • Logistics: added cancellation policy
  • Lessons: rewrote and clarified the Lesson system
  • Spiritualist: Use of the Sanctify Dead skill must begin with the phrase “I sanctify this spirit”. Also, clarified that a spirit can be sanctified without the body present if the spirit is present for the ceremony.
  • Engineer: Repair Armor skill used with a piece of iron now repairs all armor locations for a single person instead of doubling the skill.
  • Artificer: Clarified that Chemical Augmentation accepts elixirs/vials and nothing else
  • Surgeon: Added “medical examination” to Basic Surgery skill to allow looking through someone’s surgery bag as an RP-only action
  • Added Saints of the Sea appendix

The new rules can be found via the Rules link on the webpage, or at

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


As part of the lessons update in this rules revision, we will be sending out the lesson requirements for all True headers to players whose characters possess those True headers, likely within the next week.


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