RFR Board term limits and gender balance policies

Hello, RFR community! We will be having an election soon (more details to come in a subsequent post by our Ombudsperson, Kep). As such, I would like to post two policies: a new policy on board term limits, and a clarification to an older policy on the gender balance of the board.

Board Term Limits

RFR adopted a term limit policy effective as of this year:

Each member of the board should hold their position for 4 years. At that time, an election should be held for that person’s seat following the standards of elections that had previously existed for open/abdicated seat on the board. All current term lengths should be identified during the (winter/summer) board meeting, and the (winter/summer) will define year end for terms and initiate the new voting cycle if appropriate. Sitting board members may run for re-election.

In the event that multiple candidates should be due for election, all votes will be tallied for the nominees, with seats filled based on votes in the general poll; i.e., in the event of two open seats, the nominees with the two highest vote totals will be considered the winners.

In an effort to minimize disruptions in organization, no more than 2 board seats may be up for election except in the case where there are more than 2 vacant board seats. At each board meeting, an ordered list of board members whose terms have expired should be generated by the President and presented to the Board. The Board may accept the list with a simple majority, or replace it with a list of their own with a simple majority. At the time the election process is started, a number of board members will be vacated from their seat such that there are 2 vacant seats available, starting with the beginning of the list. Voluntary resignations will be processed first, followed by those who would be hitting term limits, in order of the time at which those individuals had joined the board; if there are 2 or more resignations already, we will not proceed to process additional term expirations.

This policy is effective as of January 1st, 2022.

Board Gender Balance
This policy was posted previously here: New Policy on Board Gender Balance

But given that there will be two open seats on the board this time around (as a result of the term limit rule above), I would like to clarify the verbiage. The intent of the policy is to ensure that no more than 4 people out of a 7-person board are men, so that we ensure that non-male perspectives are included in the dialogue. If there are 4 or more men on the Red Feather Roleplaying board (out of 7 total board seats), no man shall be eligible to run for an open seat. If there are 3 men on the board and two open seats, whoever wants to run can, but only one man can be elected. Whether or not someone is a ‘man’ is determined exclusively by self-report.

We look forward to your participation in the election!
– Joy Perkinson, RFR President, on behalf of the Board of Directors