RFR Board Elections in 2022 - It's happening!

I said earlier that the voting for the election would be June 24th through July 8th, and here we are!

Vote here by July 8th:

This site enables ranked-choice voting and will give us a result with 2 board members selected from the 3 candidates - Sarah WM, Cecilia W, and Jerrod W.

With these 3 candidates there is no possibility of conflict with the board’s gender-balance policy, so there are no additional things to account for on that front.

You will need to enter your email address (the one you used to sign up on either the Witchwood or Port Katherine site) because this is set up to allow votes only by eligible voters (who have attended or staffed at least two weekend events in the past few seasons, going back through 2019 because… pandemic).

  1. Please let me know (kep@redfeatherroleplaying.com) if you have trouble accessing the site! If you are not sure whether you are eligible, I can check my spreadsheet.
  2. Obviously, don’t vote on behalf of others’ email addresses - I’m in total agreement that this element of system behavior is not what we’d want in an ideal design -_-
  3. If you encounter site trouble because it seems your email has already been used for a vote, let me know!

I will not be able to see how individuals vote, but I will be able to see which email addresses have not yet been used for voting, so I can send another email reminder email closer to the end.

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