RFR Board Elections - Fall/Winter 2022 - Update

Hello all! Kep here with some updates on the election.


There are six candidates for this winter’s RFR Board election:

Anne S
Ronny R
Jacqui F
Jamie W
Jerrod W
Jordan W

Check out their posts on the forum to read their candidate statements.


In case you missed my edits or comments - The earlier post about this election had an error. I initially said the board’s gender diversity policy meant that at least one seat would need to go to a non-man candidate. That text was included due to copy-pasting from the summer’s election post. With the current board makeup, any two of these candidates elected will be in keeping with the policy.

The vote will be by ranked choice.


I hit some challenges in getting the eligible voter contact information pulled together, so was not able to start the vote yesterday as intended.
Thank you for your patience!

The system is now set up and you should expect to receive a unique voting link by email within the next two days.

The election will run through December 31st.

Kep, Ombuds for RFR


Election links are out via email!

The email is from kep.redfeather.ombuds@gmail.com and the subject line is “Red Feather Roleplaying Board Election - voting details”.

(I receive email sent to kep@redfeatherroleplaying.com but can’t send email out from that address).

Perhaps given a new email address sending a lot of email out at once, I seem to have been hitting some rate limiting or batching situation, but I can tell things are getting through gradually. Feel free to reach out if you’re having trouble finding things; I can send you a voting link directly if need be.

Emails were sent to anyone participating in at least two of RFR’s events in the past year as a player or staff. If you were only at one event in the past year, you won’t be getting an email for this election, but you should expect one for the next election if you stick around! If you’re not sure, I can check against the records I received from game directors and confer with them. We might be missing records if you NPCed but didn’t sign up via the site.