Research Effort to Remove the Shadow's Curse

Dear Citizens of Port Katherine,

As you are aware, during Remembrance the colony experienced a great loss against the Shadow, resulting in our Hospital losing it’s efficacy, our Docks less capable of accepting goods, our rest simply not sufficient and the words on the pages dancing such that our Scholars struggle. After New Year’s Eve, I will be traveling to Drevnia away from the effects of the curse with Arden Cavanaugh, Countess Annaliese von Silberholtz, Haven Amira and any others who wish to assist in order to research the Shadow and how to get these curses undone. I hope that anyone interested in brainstorming the best questions and avenues of inquiry will be available to talk on New Year’s Eve. If you will not be available, but do wish to participate, please don’t hesitate to reach out below or via letter.

Arden kindly offered to access the Restricted Section on our behalf in light of the tragedy and the more of us who are able to offer research assistance, the more we can find. We are hoping that we will discover a ritual that will permit us to uncurse at least one location at a time and Haven will be standing by to ensure that any special ingredients required can be imported.

I will be coordinating the research effort and through my assistance, we shall all be ever so slightly more productive. If you wish to travel to Drevnia and assist, that is greatly appreciated. If you cannot travel, you may still assist in processing data when we return and receive the benefit of my assistance.

I am, of course, happy to loop in anyone interested in how to best uncurse the colony and rebalance the seasons. Simply let me know.

Thank you all in advance for your hard work in undoing the curses. I firmly believe that this effort will yield, if nothing else, a greater understanding of the Shadow which will lead us to a solution. The hospital must fixed in this time of war and we shall do so. Together, we can and will fix this as quickly as possible.

Sincerely yours in scholarship and determination,

Lieutenant Governor Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira

[OOC: Rukiye is using her Manager’s coordinate to coordinate this Research effort. Everyone involved gets a +1 use of Research towards this research endeavor. If you are in Drevnia, your Research will not be halved. Essentially, every extra person who helps with any research adds a free point of research. At NYE we will settle on the phrasing of our efforts. Timingwise, we are in Drevnia AFTER NYE.

If you can’t make it to NYE, that’s okay. Try to tell me your ideas in advance and I’ll bring them to the group. I have a sneaky suspicion we may beat it to death on slack as well, but gotta make sure that non-slack humans get to participate.

If you do an adjacent something, likely you’ll need your very own coordinate/focus etc. ]


I am not able to travel this season, but wish to offer what i can to your efforts from here in the port.
(OOC; that’s 10 research to the cause, halved but still useful)


(OOC: Is there a phrasing for this yet that people are all using?)

Good afternoon all! If you would like to assist in reversing the effects of the rituals the Shadow performed in the fall, please let me know! We are doing this using my Supervised coordination, so even if you are are staying behind in Port Katherine and only have 1 -2 research to offer, you will add a +1 “free” research to the effort.

I currently will be working with Annaleise, Stev, Scrap, and Haven participating in Drevnia and Anna at PK. Anyone who happens to already be in Drevnia, the UU Library will double your contribution.

If you are interested in making your odd points of research count, then reach out to me and I will include you in my entries and give you the language needed.