Registration: Spring and Summer, 2019

It’s time to register for our spring and summer events for 2019! As you may know, we’ll be hosting two weekend-long events in the next few months:

Spring: May 3 - May 5
Summer: June 14 - June 16

We’ll be opening up registration for these events on February 17 at 1pm. That’s the day after our New Years’ event, and I’ll make a reminder about registration at that event.

Here’s how it works:

February 17, 1pm: Registration opens for both Spring and Summer events for players who attended either the Fall or Winter event in 2018, either as player or staff

February 24, 1pm: Registration opens for the public

The event fee for both events will be $70.

Note: if you attended either the Fall or the Winter event as staff, but didn’t actually register on the website for the event, our automated systems may not allow you to register. If this is the case - send us an email at and we’ll get it fixed in the system before registration opens.