Regarding the Herald

People of Port Katherine,

This gather I was approached by no less than 3 separate parties with concerns in regards to the Kithiran Herald. Specifically regarding their tendency to write defaming and slanderous articles about our Port and its citizens, and their Editor’s seeming refusal to publish anything related to our struggles against our strange and magical foes.

The former has caused many internal rifts in our small port town, and have gone so far to even slander Captain Stanton. The latter makes it so the rest of Kithira do not know of the struggles we face and the triumphs we achieve. It is my hope that we can resolve both of these problems through legal channels, but I can not do it alone.

If anyone has any claims or grievances regarding the paper, please reach out to me with them. Additionally, if there are any Scholars who are willing to do some research, or lend a hand with research assistance, I have much work ahead of me in researching laws surrounding defamation and freedom of the press. And, of course, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding this.

Thank you for your time,

Countess Isaac L. Everhart, Esq.


I have also been growing more concerned with the overall tone the Herald has been taking with regard to Port Katherine. I would be willing to lend assistance however I can.

-Councillor Leland Casmirre


We might engage one of our more social citizens to call the Herald’s objectivity into question in the public eye.

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An excellent idea, Lily! If any Socialites feel inclined to assist in these efforts, any swaying of influence would be most helpful.

I was talking to the journalist who has been around town, and she mentioned her editor is actively refusing to publish many of her articles that paint Port Katherine in a positive light. She mentioned that her editors name to me, but I can’t recall it currently. I’ll let you know if I do, or happen to have written it down somewhere in my notes.


If you happen to remember the editor’s name and perhaps the name of the journalist that was more favorable to Port Katherine then perhaps some socialites might be able to pressure for a change of editors and perhaps a promotion for that journalist.

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I’m not sure of the journalist’s name, but the editors name is Ulysses Thoreau or some spelling like that.