Red Feather Roleplaying FY 2019 Financial Statements

One of Red Feather Roleplaying’s values is Stewardship. In alignment with that value, it is important for us to show you exactly how the money you spend on our game is used by the organization. As such, since our inception in 2013, Red Feather Roleplaying has published our annual financial statements, publicly, to the community. We believe we may be one of the only LARPing organizations to do so, but we also believe it is a trend that should grow.

A few things to note about these documents:

  • Our fiscal year ends July 1, so these do not include anything since then (fall events, preregistrations made beyond that date, purchases of props/etc beyond that date, etc).
  • In order to help with the understanding of accounting documents, this year contains a new document, the “Common Size Statement.” In this document, we set all revenue equal to $70 and make everything else based on its percentage of that. This statement answers the question, “where does my event fee go?” and we think it’s really useful. Obviously, for the years in which large investment was made into the game (the birth of WW in 2013 and the birth of Port Katherine thereafter), the numbers can be a bit weird, but we still think this is overall very useful and much more clear.

Therefore, without further ado, let me present the financial statements for Fiscal Year 2019:

I understand that reading accounting statements may not be a skill that everyone possesses - if you have any questions at all about these documents, do not hesitate to ask, and I will be happy to walk you through them.

Brian Misamore
Treasurer, Red Feather Roleplaying


I’m impressed my accounting 101 at community college actually has been useful! But I have (probably a dumb) question; on the Balance sheet, the last line is titled “TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY” but is identical to “TOTAL ASSETS” rather than the difference or total of the “Total Liabilities” and “Total Equity” lines? I was just curious what that line meant since I seem to have misinterpreted it.

Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Equity

So, in this case, 46,572.41 = 21,912.56 + 24,659.85

The last line is to verify that both sides of the balance sheet “balance.”


OOOOH I see! I made an adding mistake when checking to see if it was a sum! More sleep and recovery needed I guess! Thanks!