Reanimate and You

The following details came up in a Slack conversation, and I thought I’d share for everyone else’s knowledge.


Also, for those who haven’t had the “pleasure” of hearing the call first hand:

The call, as I’ve heard it and as Haley has stated on Slack, is:

“I animate your body, you have 5 vit, no skills, and can follow simple commands. your critical timer is paused and starts again when you fall to 0 vitality.”

“I command you to…” blah

additional point of clarification: if you were previously under the impression that you could speak while reanimated, and did so, don’t worry - the call is ambiguous and I didn’t tell NPCs one way or another because I didn’t think about it when writing the stats. I will likely update the call to include something like “you cannot speak” when doing a rules and stats revision over the winter.