Purify, Drunkenness, Drugs, and Artificers

Apparently, it has been established that the use of a purify sobers you from drunkenness. Does it work the same if you have taken a drug elixir that gives you a similar intoxicated effect (i.e. Tiyagan Holiday)?
Also, since Purify sobers you how does that work when an artificer has one slotted? I assume it works at the first drink you have, but also don’t really want to assume that in case I’m wrong.

Purify-as-sobering-up-device is entirely an RP decision - that is, technically speaking, purify only cures poison (which is a specific mechanical status effect + tag on elixirs distinct from intoxication, which is not). Since alcohol and drug elixirs are both primarily/solely RP effects (by design), you may choose to but are not required to treat purify as sobering you up from their effects.

Similarly, you may choose for the slotted Purify to sober you up, but are not required to, because it’s sort of an “off-label” use of the skill, if that makes sense.

Basically, if you think it would make the scene better or would improve your experience of the game, go ahead and count it as working, and if not, don’t. This is an area of game rules that is intentionally fuzzy to allow for whatever RP feels more fitting at the time. (though I would suggest, if you’re particularly concerned about Purify expenditure, quickly clarifying with the target of your purify before spending it in this kind of situation)


Some of the drugs do say that they can be removed by a purify. When I’m home I’ll try to remember to snap a picture and add it here.

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Turns out I don’t have any drug slips (at least that I can find). Sorry.