Public Works

Thanks to many generous donors from the Silberholtz & Quigley families, Alize family and Gray Gales mercenary company, we now possess the resources to build a sewer system, Fire Station and Well. We however require laborers to spend their focus to assist in making these public works. Each worker will be compensated 10 ducats for their time… I have spoken to many of you about this already. However I ask again that you mention here that you will be available and to which public work you are contributing to. I will be updating this posting as the information comes in.
-Dame Vaast Verenberg

Sewers 10/10
Mr. Steinmann
Vaast Verenberg
Damienne Fawkes
Countess Julian Ashford Calvette the third
Kleis Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholz VII
Issac Everhart
Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley
Hezra Boone
Livewell Birkett Lureen

Well 5/5
Edward William Lustrous
Magnus Amira
Countess Jeremy Wechsler
S. Cleary
Vík Þengvarr


Edward William Lustrous here I will be working on the Well and am currently speaking with the Gales for who exactly will be helping in the construstion as well I will provide a more up to date list within the next few days

You can put Damienne Fawkes down for sewers. That shit is important.

Lily Ferris, reporting for sewer construction as discussed, young mistress.

Hey there Dame Verenberg,

We talked about me contributing work wherever you need it, so sign me up. Happy to contribute.

-Vík Þengvarr

Z.E.D - Put me on whatever needs done.

Edric Zale. I offered to work on the fire station.

Vaast, you know I’m working on the Sewers.

– Ravil

Isaac Everhart already agreed to work with the Verenbergs on the Sewer project. If you are still looking to place Z.E.D. he can work with me, if that is agreeable to him (@IvansOoze)

I had already posted here letting them know to add me on whatever list. If I’m not on a list, or we have enough people, let me know if I’m not needed.

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As previously discussed, I am available to work on the sewers if needed (or potentially elsewhere if that is preferred). If we have enough interested that cover all labor requirements, I am fine sitting out and instead giving another the opportunity. I would like to make note that may want to follow up with anyone who had previously talked to about this work, since I know some people who were not around at times when an experienced teacher was may be trying to spend their focus in the coming months on tracking them down instead.

Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley

Put me down for the sewers

Put me in for the sewers as well. - Livewell

Mr.ZED I had you on the sewer but moved you to the fire station to accommodate Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley who will be helping to fund and work on the sewers. Please let me know if this is an issue.

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Whatever helps.

Mistress, I’ve been asked by your brother to step away from the public works to do an apprenticeship. He’s offered to take my place but It seems you have more hands than you need right now. @MichaelFazzina can talk to you if that’s not the case.

Oh, Lily, that’s wonderful! Furthering your education is always a good idea. What are you studying?

As miss Ferris said, I shall roll up my sleeves and direct the labor alongside you brother!!

Gettin’ some formal training in my tinkering, Countess.

Is the base post accurate and up to date? i.e. are we actually still two people short on the fire station? I’m just waiting for confirmation that we are fully staffed for work before submitting my Focus.