Public Works: You Too Can Help!

Update We can now compensate each individual 5 ducats this season due to Countess Isaac Everhart’s kind donation to the town council.

Good evening Citizens of Port Katherine,

The Town Council is reviewing our ledgers to ensure that our Public Works will be maintained for the coming season. At this time, we are in need of 4 individuals willing to get their hands dirty and assist with maintenance.

The public works in need are:

  • Well-Melope Kershawi Teuthida Alizé Lureen
  • Fire Station- Demyan Alizé
  • Customs House- Jules Alabaster
  • Hospital Improvements- Edric Zale

Please let us know if you can donate your time to the town and if you have a preference which work you would like to maintain.

During the lull between Winter and Spring, a variety of additional public works have been discussed, including most prominently the post office, jail and the bank. If you are interested in donating to the town council in support of any of those projects, please do reach out! The Town Council will happily take donations of trade goods or ducats for either progress towards a specific work or general maintenance. Please also don’t hesitate to reach out to share your concerns or hopes regarding Public Works.

Thank you,

Countess Rukiye Maryam Naima bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira
Town Councilor, Port Katherine

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Boatswain Jules Alabaster has kindly donated his time to the Customs House. Thank you very much!

I unfortunately will be indisposed this Spring, settling some business in Tojima… While I will be unable to provide any manual labor, the Council should expect my donation to arrive through the mail, regardless!

  1. Are we keeping both the sewers and the well? It seems to me like one or the other would be sufficient… and I vote we keep the sewer. I dont trust that much water pulled up through the arcanum.

  2. I need to check with my employer to see if Im needed elsewhere but I would be interested in building a jail.

I think it’s worth it to keep both the sewers and the well, we already have them well established and built so letting them fall into disrepair seems wasteful at least in the regard. And I’m no apothecary, but I don’t think the water would be negatively affected by the arcanum? At least I’ve never heard of well water being changed like that before.

I agree with Tashif. We can’t fight Cholera off with swords and elemental volleys.

Captain Ferris -

While the jail is one of the Public Works the Town Council is more interested in pursuing, we will not have the resources to build it this Spring, unless there is a sudden and surprising upsurge in donations.

  • Frederick
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Issac, I am sorry to hear that we will not be graced with your presence, though with good reason. Thank you for your continued support of the town.

Lily, given the concerns of disease still raging at home, I would hesitate to put on hold anything that improves the health of the colony for the low price of a few pieces of iron and wood and someone’s time. There may ever be a time where the Town Council will have to make a choice to cease supporting a public work, but I do not believe we are at that point.

Thank you for your offer of support for the Jail. There is significant call for it and I hope that it will be a work we can build in the Spring. I hope to be actively working on gathering funds and labor for the post office and jail in the Spring and ensure they are built sometime this spring or summer.

Im happy to help raise funds for the jail. Im uncomfortable with the amount of killing we need to do and I know the spiritualists agree.

As for the well:
We are a new colony, with an outsized majority of us being more philosophically and academically minded than the average mate, and we have focused our limited funds on public works that more conservatives Kithirans in our situation would consider wasteful or frivolous. And with the sewers, it has paid off. Our waste removal system has helped name and cure the plague that has taken so many of our countrywomen, and we should feel proud of ourselves for our foresight.

But we should also not assume that every public work we make will be worth maintaining simply because we have already put in the time and materials to create it. Now that the source of the plague is better understood, it seems unnecessary to me to continue pouring our resources into the well when we have taken other precautions to protect our water supply. We should not be afraid to admit that we have misstepped and move on to more fruitful works.
Especially as we do not know the exact source of our wellspring. I have been under this island and we should not be so quick to trust what comes from there.

What actually are our other sources of drinking water?

I would assume smaller, private wells some streams and the river.

Personally I am thankful for the large, deep well in town, sometimes smaller ones can get low in dry weather.

I am willing to assist the surgeons by maintaining the Hospital Improvements.

Thank you very much for the kind donation of your time! It is very much appreciated.

Dear Edric,

Thank you very much! I have updated the top post with your contribution.

Rukiye Maryam

My cousin Mel has kindly agreed to work on the Well this season.