Public Works, Summer 1719

The following public works have been completed and are in effect:

  • Sewers (public health benefits)

  • Well (public health benefits)

  • Printing Press (40d per season in tax revenue for the Town Council)

  • Fire Station (fires may damage but not destroy public works)

  • Customs House (the town council may tax imports for revenue)

  • Hospital Improvements (the hospital now acts as an always-on Medical Tent)

  • Post Office (letters may be sent through the box in the tavern)

  • Bank (the banker profession is now open)

  • Maintenance on the Dry Dock was not performed. Several in-progress boat parts were moved out of the area before water began to seep through the cracks, and no progress was lost. However, double maintenance will need to be provided to the dry dock next bgs cycle if any work is to continue on those boat parts.

Please let me know if you were maintaining the dry dock, and I missed it. I checked and checked.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


We’ll be unlocking Banker on sheets this afternoon.