Public Works, Spring 1723

The following public works have been completed and maintained, and are in effect:

  • Sewers (all PCs gain one free use of the Recovery skill, which does not count for cost increases, but cannot be refreshed)
  • Fire Station (fires may damage but not destroy public works)
  • Customs House (the town council may tax imports for revenue)
  • Drydocks (allows the repair and building of ships)
  • Hospital Improvements (the hospital now acts as an always-on Medical Tent)
  • Post Office (letters may be sent through the box in the tavern)
  • Bank (the banker profession is now open)
  • Generator Mill (generates 10 units of electricity)
  • Graveyard (removes arcanum requirement from Sanctify Dead)
  • Library Improvements (Unlocks the Librarian profession. Additionally, any character may double the effective points of Research for one BGS entry per cycle, which may not be combined with Research from other PCs or stacked with other multipliers.)

The following public work has Definitely Been Destroyed and is not at all being hidden from the Tiyagans, and therefore is not providing revenue:

  • Printing Press (40d per season in tax revenue for the Town Council)

The following public work has been improved by Yield Analysis:

  • Hospital Improvements: In addition to its normal use, increases sanitation throughout the town such that field surgery adds an additional red bead instead of an additional black bead. Field Hospital (specialist Surgeon skill) now only adds one black bead.