Public Works, Spring 1722


The following public works have been completed and are in effect. There are two major changes: the Sewers effect has changed, and the Well has been removed as a public work (and no longer needs to be maintained, though you may continue to talk about it existing).

  • Sewers (all PCs gain one free use of the Recovery skill, which does not count for cost increases, but cannot be refreshed)
  • Printing Press (40d per season in tax revenue for the Town Council)
  • Fire Station (fires may damage but not destroy public works)
  • Customs House (the town council may tax imports for revenue)
  • Drydocks (allows the repair and building of ships)
  • Gaol (unlocks the “I throw you in jail” alternative to Critical)
  • Post Office (letters may be sent through the box in the tavern)
  • Bank (the banker profession is now open)
  • Generator Mill (generates 10 units of electricity)
  • Graveyard (removes arcanum requirement from Sanctify Dead)

The following public works are currently maintained, but unavailable:

  • Hospital (counts as a hospital for purposes of Surgeon skills)
  • Hospital Improvements (2 points of natural heal → 1 free immediate use)

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine