Public Works Maintenance

As always our public works need individuals willing to help maintain them. I of course will be doing my part and maintaining the sewers for the good of the town. (this will require your focus)

Current Public Works:
Sewers: Vaast Verenberg
Hospital: Stev Lureen
Well: Molly Volareth
Customs House: James Corvid
Printing Press: Outer Rim Trading Company
Fire House: Isadora Sobeck

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We need a functioning hospital, and I need to settle my nerves. I’d be happy to spend a few quiet weeks sharpening scalpels and refreshing poultices.

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I’ll maintain the Customs House

Aye was goin’ ta offer ta maintain tha Customs House on behalf ah tha Outer Ring Tradin’ Comp’ny, but as ayw see tha James 'as stepped up for tha aye will maintain tha Well instead.


I’ve been contemplating going on an adventure again, but on the other hand the Fire House is very important and I’ve yet to spend significant time not adventuring between festivals. I am, as you may know, especially sensitive to fire, and would appreciate the town not burning.

Thank you all for volunteering your time. As we approach the BGS deadline, please let us know promptly if anything has come up to require your time, otherwise, we expect the focus requirements for maintenance are met.