Public Works Maintenance- Spring 1723

All Public Works Covered for This Cycle

To my fellow citizens,

The Town Council is seeking individuals to work on maintaining the public works between Winter and Spring for the rate of 10 ducats. Given that we are unsure what funds we will receive in these trying times, you are welcome to choose to donate your labor or donate 5d of your fee. Simply let me know and I will ensure that it occurs. I will update this posting as various individuals volunteer in writing below or reach out to individual councilors to claim a public work so that the public works needing a person are evident.

10 ducats will be paid for your labor

Public Works to Be Maintained
Sewers: Gideon
Fire Station: Velenza
Customs House: Sibella
Hospital Improvements: Tea
Post Office: Primrose
Bank Vault: Edric Zale
Dry Docks: Kelso
Graveyard: Nathrach Quigley
Generator Mill: Middletown Book, Isaac Everhart

Thank you for your time,
Councilor Rukiye Maryam Alize min bayt Amira

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Gideon will help maintain the sewers. No way is he letting that build up happen again.

Thank you very much!

As per usual, I will be maintaining the Graveyard.

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Thank you very much!

I’ll maintain the hospital!

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I will help to maintain the Fire Station.

If nobody has reached out about it, I’m happy to help maintain the post office.

I spoke too soon; I am likely not available this season

which works are still unaccounted for?

None of them. But if you have a free focus, feel free to throw it at the Iron minecarts and tracks! :smiley: still building those.

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Thanks to the willingness of the town to assist, all of the TC works are covered for this cycle.