Public Works Maintenance-Spring 1720

Good evening fellow citizens of Port Katherine,

The Town Council is seeking individuals to work on maintaining the public works between Winter and Spring for the rate of 10 ducats. I will update this posting as various individuals volunteer in writing below or reach out to individual councilors to claim a public work so that the public works needing a person are evident.

10 ducats will be paid for your labor

  • Sewers:
  • Well:
  • Fire Station: Edric Zale
  • Customs House:
  • Hospital Improvements: Julien Emile
  • Post Office: Sibella Fairfax Egerton
  • Bank Vault: Jules Alabaster
  • Dry Docks:
  • Gaol: Middletown Book, Rukiye Maryam

Please note that the town council had a cork board in the tavern with a variety of useful items, including a sign up sheet for these positions. We hope that this will make it easier for citizens who are far from town for much of the time between festivals to take advantage of this opportunity.

Further, the Town Council would like to thank the citizens of Port Katherine for all that done to prepare for the Queen’s visit and, more importantly, to defend her during the Tiyagan attack.

Thank you for your time,
Councilor Rukiye Maryam Alize min bayt Amira

(OOG note: Registration is not open yet nor are dates announced. If you intend to to be at the event, feel free to commit to a spot as long as you feel confident that if it turns out you cannot attend you will let us know in a timely fashion.)

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Similarly to last festival, if there is nobody in more pressing need of the funds, I will cover the bank vault maintenance.

Update: I’m just going to take the bank this time around. I don’t have anything more pressing I want to do right now, and don’t want to worry about seeing if there’s anyone else who wants the spot.

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I’d like to volunteer to maintain the Post Office.

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I will be in Drevnia, so…

I can maintain the Fire Station.


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Hi…um…yes, please put me down for the Hospital Improvements… it’s the least I can do…

~ Julien Emile


Thank you very much Julien, the town appreciates your efforts on the public works.


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(OOG Note: I just wanted to let you know that now that we know the dates of the events, I will be unable to attend the Spring event as we will be on our honeymoon in Iceland)


This is a reminder that we still need labor to maintain: Sewers, Well, Customs House, Hospital Improvements, and Dry Docks. Normally I would take one of these on, myself, but given recent events it seemed my time might be better spent in Drevnia, researching how to reverse what the Shadow has done to our colony.

I’d also like to thank Edric Zale, Sibella Fairfax Egerton, Jules Alabaster, and Rukiye Maryam, for promising some of their time, already.

As an additional reminder, these positions are paid, and provide 10 ducats each to anyone who takes on one of these tasks.

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You can mark me down for the Custom House.
-Francis Gunne Amira


Your time and efforts are very much appreciated, and you will be well compensated for the work! Thank you for your contribution towards keeping our town functioning, especially during such a turbulent time.

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