Public Works Maintenance Fall 1722

To my fellow citizens,

The Town Council is seeking individuals to work on maintaining the public works between Summer and Fall for the rate of 10 ducats. Given that we are unsure what funds we will receive in these trying times, you are welcome to choose to donate your labor or donate 5d of your fee. Simply let me know and I will ensure that it occurs. I will update this posting as various individuals volunteer in writing below or reach out to individual councilors to claim a public work so that the public works needing a person are evident.

10 ducats will be paid for your labor

Public Works to Be Maintained
Sewers: Ebeneezer Ellsworth
Fire Station: Rukiye Alizé
Customs House: Angus Cayden
Hospital Improvements: Byrgen Ellis
Post Office: Stev Lureen
Bank Vault: Jules Alabaster
Dry Docks: Tea Alizé
Gaol: Demyan Alizé
Graveyard: Nathrach Quigley
Generator Mill: Middletown Book, Rukiye Alizé
Generator Mill Repair: Scathach Alizé

As you may be aware, the Generator Mill suffered some damage from the Tiyagan attacks and as such, will require an additional person, an engineer, to work on them.

Thank you for your time,
Councilor Rukiye Maryam Alize min bayt Amira

I will maintain the bank vaults again.

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I will be maintaining the Graveyard as per usual.

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Aight. Put me down for the Post Office.

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Thank you everyone! If you know of anyone able to cover the final 3, particularly an engineer with maintenance, send them this way.

I’m happy to cover the generator mill if I can buy a coordinate or non-engineer focus to make my own engineering BGS happen.

Friends and Fellows,

While the Alizé have graciously stepped up to make sure the town’s Public Works needs are met this season, if there are others among you who would be interested in taking up one of these responsibilities, do feel free to make your interest known over the next few days. While we cannot guarantee being able to swap you in at the very last minute, we would be happy to do so in a timely fashion.

As stated in our post on trade goods ( Sell or Donate Trade Goods to the Town Council ), the Town Council would prefer to see the whole town contributing rather than directing all our funds to a smaller subsection of the town.

Councilor Frederick, Comptess Northmarch


If it’s not too late to swap in, I’d be happy to take one

Byrgen, it is not too late! I shall put you down for the Hospital Improvements. Thank you for your dedication to public works!

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