Public Works Able to Be Built, Summer 2022

We’ve added and updated some public works! Here’s the current list of public works that can be built in town:

Public Work Effect
Apiary Doubles the effective rank of all Beekeepers
Bank Vault Unlocks the Banker profession.
Brewery Doubles the effective rank of Aging for all Cooks
Brokerage House Doubles the effective rank of all Stock Brokers
Cafeteria Meals eaten at mealtime have an extra serving
Courthouse Unlocks the Lawyer profession.
Customs House Allows the town council to tax the market auction through tariffs or sales taxes.
Dry Dock Allows the building and maintenance of ships
Explosives Lab Any True Artificer may spend their focus to create a single-use fireball trap. This trap costs 2 device to deploy, and expires at the end of the event (whether deployed or not). If the person maintaining the lab is a true artificer, they receive a trap
Fire Station Protects public works from complete destruction by fire.
Fishing Docks Doubles landowner production of fish
Gaol Unlocks the I throw you in jail call
Generator Mill Generates 10 units of electricity, which are sold at auction. Revenues generated go to the town council.
Governor’s Palace Increases the PI generated by Well-Regarded by 1.5x
Granary Doubles landowner production of grain
Graveyard Removes the arcanum requirement from Sanctify Dead. You must perform a ritual to re-sanctify this graveyard each season you wish to use it.
Hospital Improvements For every 2 points of natural healing spent, you may spend 1 point of healing for free
Hot Springs Once per event, you may relax here for 5 minutes, and restore 10cp of Soldier or Skirmisher skills
Laboratory Improvements Doubles the effective rank of Single Component Chemistry for Apothecaries
Library Improvements Doubles the effective rank of Research for Scholars
Lighthouse Increases the number of imported goods
Mine Carts/Tracks Doubles landowner production from one type of mine (must build new carts/tracks for each type of mine)
Nursery Doubles landowner production of Fruit
Post Office PCs may now send letters at a rate of 1 penny for letters within Port Katherine and 1d for letters back to Kithira. Income accrues to the town council.
Power Lines Increases the generator mill’s electricity output by 1.5x
Printing Press Generates 40d per game for the town council, through sales of the newspaper; allows printing of a local edition; unlocks Publisher profession
Public Gardens Doubles the effective rank of all Gardeners
Sawmill Doubles landowner production of wood
School Doubles the effective rank of Research Assistant for Scholars
Sewer System PCs gain one free use of Recovery per event.
Shore Battery Prevents shore bombardments
Slaughterhouse Doubles landowner production of meat
Smithy Doubles the effective rank of Craft Basic Engineering Schematic for Engineers
Survey Corp Doubles the effective rank of all Hunters
Theater Once per event, hold a performance. All participants gain 1 PI
University Increases CP gained from attending game from 2 to 3cp
Warehouse Allows merchants to gain access to export markets

Is the publisher profession something that you have to maintain the printing press to gain access to? If it’s just something that is available to anyone, when you have the chance, could you post the text of it?

FOIG, but, similar to the Pitballer profession, you need to be a publisher to be a Publisher.


Sounds good! Wasn’t sure if the unlock was that way or more like banker and wanted to check. All the new public works are super cool.

I’m currently the one carrying the folder of public work print outs that include build and maintenance costs. Would the documents for new public works be something I can pick up at check in or would they get delivered to town council during the event?

Separately a lot of these new works are very exciting and looking forward to eventually building many of these.

this is just so cool!!!

Have guard towers been removed from the game? I know they were an option year one, but I’m not seeing them listed now.

They have been removed, yes.

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Guard Towers were removed, as they were basically an impossible promise that staff couldn’t commit to keeping.


Ah, thanks!